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Nothing is more eye catching than a huge, carved, rippling set of wheels. They send a message of strength and demand respect. Big legs don’t come easy, no one ever built bulging legs from doing high rep legs extension or legs curls. Even 7 x Mr.Olympia Arnoald Schwarzenegger had weak legs at one point. However if you have the determination, courage and motivation to endure gruelling, high intensity, heavy sickening workouts it’s possible for everyone to overcome this shortcoming like the Oak did.

Like most of my training I like to keep it simple with legs, you’re not going to see anything fancy here and you will have seen all of these exercises before. Like everything in bodybuilding it’s more about the execution. It’s not enough to subject the legs to one heavy set of squats, you have to use heavy weight and sufficient volume taking the leg muscles to failure several times in one set, this will ensure you stress every fibre involved causing maximum growth.

This is an example of a leg workout…

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I've already done plenty of warm ups until a got a hard 12 reps, then with the same weight 4 sets of 12 keeping the reps perfect with a good squeeze and at a good pace. The goal here is to activate and pump the hamstrings, also get the knee joint moving.

4 working sets


Reverse V Squat / Front Squat

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Start with a light weight, work your way up doing sets of 10 until you get to a hard 10, on the last set you will do 3 drop sets, the first drop aim for 5 reps, the second 10 reps and the final drop set 15 reps.

3 working sets



2 plates a side – 10 reps (warm up)

3 Plates a side – 10 reps (warm up)

4 Plates a side – 10 reps (Hard but still a lot left in the tank)

5 Plates a side -10 reps (hard but still a few left in the tank)

6 Plates a side – 10 reps (Couldn’t have gone heavier than this and still got 10 good deep controlled reps)

Drop 1 – 5 plates for another hard 5 reps

Drop 2 – 3 plates for a hard 10

Drop 3 – 2 plates for a hard 15


Leg Press

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Although you’re already warmed up it’s good to do a feeler set or a warm up set before you start with your working sets. Choose a weight that’s hard for 15 reps, which will be your first working set.

For your second set add a 20kg plate to each side and do another 15 reps. For your third and final working set choose a weight that’s hard for 8 reps, then you’re going to do a rest pause set...Rest for 20 seconds try to squeeze another 3 reps out with the same weight. Following that you’re going to do a drop set. Take 3 plates of either side and go till failure.

3 working sets


Leg extensions

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On these you’re are going to do 2 sets of 12 with hard flex at the top for 1 second making sure you are pointing your toes back as you do each rep. On your third set you're going to do 10-12 reps, hit failure, then do a drop set pushing an extra hard 5 reps out. After the 5 reps you’re going to do an isohold (holding the weight at the half way point of the movement) for 15 seconds.

3 working sets



Standing Leg Curls

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One thing I really want to emphasize is although you’re warmed up, getting sloppy and throwing the weight or jerking the weight up is a great way to tear your hamstring, so do these extremely controlled. Do 3 sets of a hard 12, on the 4th set do 12, drop the weight do 8 more, then partials until your hamstrings can’t function.

4 working sets



'Give it a go and watch those wheels grow'




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  • Cliff

    Thanks I can see benefit of time under tension and drop sets. Just wondered how long you left between sets. I generally go straight back on after my training partner has completed. Or, if I'm on my own, 1 to 1.5 mins

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