Beast Yourself…….Literally! Part 1

I’m always first in line when a new brand of supplements comes out and I have the opportunity to try them before they reach you guys.

If it’s not fit for the needs of today’s sporting athletes it shouldn’t be on Monster Supplements!


So I had a flick through the brand and chose a few product’s I thought deserved a trial. The product’s which caught my eye were:






In this article I am going to review the Amino and Raging Beast, including some key product highlights and when to use the products for best results.

Testo and Thermo Beast to follow next month.



The Amino Beast contains a blend of 20 amino acids including the 3 branch chains (L-Leucine, ISO-Leucine, L-Valine). So instantly I knew it ticked all the boxes I needed for this category of product.


Knowing it has such a wide spectrum of amino’s you can count on:

-    Increased anabolism/amino synthesis within the muscle

-    Reduced catabolism by replenishing depleted muscle amino level due to exercise

-    Reduction in serotonin production which helps offset mental fatigue

-    Improved digestion and boosted immune function contributing to homeostatic balance


As far as flavour if the Lemon and Lime is anything to go by you’re not going to get better, refreshing and zesty while mixing flawlessly. I added 1 scoop to my pre-workout drink which in this case was of course the Raging Beast and 2 more to 750ml of water to be consumed immediately post workout. Now that’s as soon as you stop training, before you even consume you normaly post workout recovery shake (carbohydrate and protein blend).




When it’s so critical for you perform at your best during that 1 hour window during training, it’s paramount that you chose the best pre workout supplement for the job.


There are 3 main benefits of a pre-workout in my eyes, 2 physiological and 1 psychological:

-    Improved mental focus (without the post workout crash or sleep deprivation)

-    Providing a potent balance of ingredients such as creatine and beta-alanine to improve muscular performance

-    Increased key nutrient delivery to the muscles, also resulting in some quite scary muscle pumps and vascularity


With ingredients like caffeine, Cocoa Extract, trimethylglycine, Vit B12 and Tyrosine mental focus and neurotransmission are going to be vastly improved. Vasodilation from the Arginine matrix is going to optimise circulation of the creatine, beta-alanine and citrulline malate as well as any other nutrients in the blood stream.

Again flavour was spot on, I tried the orange and it was just like squash, BRILLIANT! I have a fairly high stimulant tolerance but still only needed 1 scoop with some extra BCAAs, Amino Beast would be ideal.

Taken 20 mins pre-workout and it pushed me through a gruelling 1hr workout no problem.

To wrap things up, they cover all the bases I look for in an amino and a pre workout product.

The taste is spot on for both and for the amount of servings per tub are competitively priced!


To click through to the BEAST YOURSELF brand on Monster just follow the link below:


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