Bad Boy Nutrition Overview - by Dan “Warrior” Singh

Here we have an article to go alongside the introduction of the Bad Boy Nutrition range to the website.

See below article by Dan “Warrior” Singh who talks about the innovative new range that's already making an impact!


Bad Boy as a brand has been in a heavy hitter in theMMA market for a considerable period of time.

Known for quality in combination with being hugely cost effective, it was only so long before they took the plunge and opted to deliver the same quality and promise within the sports nutrition industry.

As a sponsored athlete by Bad Boy from my MMA days, I was hugely honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the launch of the latest venture being the Bad Boy Nutrition range.

The aim was simple, launch a line of products that were firm favourites of the everyday sports nutrition user, keep the price as a cost effective as possible whilst not compromising on quality, provide great taste that would keep the consumer coming back for more and of course launch with 1-2 innovative products that truly showed some brains behind the development and prevented us from just merging into the background in the ever saturated sports nutrition market.

We truly feel that we did just that.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been working alongside some of the top nutritional players in the game in my career thus far, so having a key input in the development process, along with some hefty R&D before finalising the initial line of products, has meant that much like Bad Boy in the fight game, we’ve opted for a no messing around approach.

Operating from a consumer perspective, we wanted all the products to be no frills and no smokes and mirrors.

It was that in mind that with all of our products, every single ingredient is listed along with accurate dosage.

In particular with our first key product “Blood rush” our concentrated pre workout, no proprietary blends to hide behind, loaded with over 10 active ingredients including dendrobium, it truly is a product that will blow your socks off.

That was done at my request being a stim junkie, so no one should be able to fault its potency.

Our second standout launch product, Bad Boy Diet Lean Greens Protein is a first of its kind in Europe.

Again we wanted to make the consumers life that little bit easier, so we’ve combined a greens product, along with a stereotypical blend of fat burning components (Flax seed, Green tea, CLA, L-Carnitine tartrate etc) to give you a lean mean diet protein, that not only tastes great but has a whole host of health benefits.

When you add to the mix above an extremely clean Weight Gainer keeping sugars and fat to a minimal with a ridiculously thin texture, an All In One formula loaded with components we all love as well as Beta Alanine and Arginine AKG, a pleasantly dosed Fat Burner and Test Booster along with standard CEE Caps and a great tasting 2:1:1 BCAA product, no one can say we haven’t launched with a bang.

We’ve chose to work with Monster due to their passion and reputability within the industry.

Bad Boy Nutrition is not a faceless company, we are a peoples brand and take great pride in receiving constructive criticism and feedback.

Working alongside Monster Supplements as one of our key partners we’re sure of being able to deliver even more innovative products that Monster consumers will love for years to come!

Dan “Warrior” Singh

BBN Athlete

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