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Team ON Athlete Shaun Stafford started off his sporting career playing rugby to a national level, before a series of injuries forced his early retirement from the sport. This allowed Shaun to focus his energy on a new path as a highly successful Male Physique competitor. He went on to win The WBFF UK, European and Pro World Fitness Model titles in his first 18 months of competing. He followed this up by winning the WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Championship for a second time in 2014.

Today, he shares with us his top tips, and how he uses Gold Standard 100% Whey and Gold Standard 100% Casein to achieve his fitness goals with true 24-hour protein coverage.





I get out of bed and hit a scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey Toffee Caramel Fudge with a shot of espresso and ½ a cup of boiling water. This starts my nutrition for the day with a high protein, hot mocha! I then wrap up warm and head out to walk my dog, this is great as it allows me to clear my head, and get set for the day…


I always have a nutritious breakfast, normally eggs or an egg white based meal, like an omelette or frittata. I like eggs early on as they are high in proteins and fats, and feel like the right sort of thing to have for breaky...Then I jump on my bike to work. A 30-minute dog walk and 5km cycle pretty much completes my cardio for the day!


Have my second breakfast. By this time I am not only starving, but have usually been at work for over an hour and need a break. Typically this would be a 150 g salmon fillet, some brown rice or quinoa and some green veg. A good combo that is high in protein, fats and fibre, and keeps my blood sugar and energy levels pretty constant. Then it’s back to working with a few more clients.


Time for lunch - which is a mix of proteins, carbs and fats…my pre-workout meal.

This will either be chicken or turkey, for easily digested proteins, some more sweet potato for the low GI carbs, and a healthy serving of green veg for fibre and extra carbs. I would usually have a little more carbs during this meal, as it is about 3 hours before I train.


I work with a few more clients, whilst sipping on some instantized BCAAs, Glycomaize and Amino Energy. This gets my body primed for my workout.


I hit my weights session, sipping on my BCAAs, Glycomaize and Amino Energy mix.


It’s time to refuel after a tough session: I use Gold Standard 100% Whey as a fast-acting source of protein to help support muscle repair & growth and Glycomaize for a post-workout source of carbs.


I finish work and jump on my bike to get home, another 5km. Although this time it is up hill…which after leg day can be a bit of a struggle!


I have my last full meal. This is always a slow-acting casein shake, maybe with some peanut butter and celery on the side or some oats if I need to top up my carbs. This last meal is really easy to manipulate... if my carbs are already high for the day, I'll drop out the oats, whereas if my fats are already too high, I'll skip the peanut butter...

Then I log off from the computer and try to finish any work by this time. I then settle down for some R&R with the wife and pup, whilst finishing off my Gold Standard 100% Casein shake to provide me with a steady supply of amino acids while I sleep.




Protein is a key component of my diet, and allows me to train hard, and allows my muscles to repair and grow. I especially notice it when getting ready for a show or shoot, as my calories drop.

I try to consume about 2.8 g of protein per kg of bodyweight, which adds up to between 250-300g a day. I usually get this in between 6-7 meals or snacks, consisting of a wide variety of meats, fish and eggs, in addition to 3 high-protein Gold Standard shakes a day.

I am a beast that certainly gets affected by the amount and quality of sleep I get. I like 8hs+, can function off 7hrs… and struggle with any less. I think because of my long work hours, and heavy training schedule, my body craves rest. That’s why as soon as I have had my last meal, and sunk my Gold Standard 100% Casein shake, it is a fairly short amount of time before I am tucked up and headed to sleep!




1) Don’t get overawed by situations that appear too big to tackle, focus on taking small steps and doing the little things right first. These all add up to creating a bigger picture, and make the original daunting situation much more manageable.

2) Before doing anything, remind yourself of why you are doing it! If it is a grueling drop set in the middle of your workout, remember the feeling of satisfaction that you get once it is completed! This moment of thought before you do anything can give you a burst of energy, focus and motivation, and can definitely upgrade whatever you are doing.

3) Be grateful for the things that you have. Keep a log next to your bed and before you sleep every night, note down just one thing that you are grateful for. This process resets your mind, and makes what you have more than enough… this is an instant upgrade for your wellbeing, and the perfect close to any day!





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