10 Top Tips For Workout Motivation

Fancy some motivational tips?

Check out Abby Pell's Top Ten Workout Motivation tip here on the Monster Resource!


1.    Don’t go it alone: Plan to train with a friend or book a PT session… if you make plans with someone else you’re less likely to cancel. Training with a friend or trainer can boost performance too as you’re more likely to push yourself a little harder if someone’s watching and encouraging you.


2.    Set yourself a goal, and keep a reminder of this with you, for example a motivational quote or picture on your phone/computer screen saver.


3.    Remember how good you feel after each completed workout, exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy… if you’re ever feeling low remember this and go hit the gym.


4.    Treat yourself to new gym gear. Nothing puts a spring in your step like new gym gear, who says you can’t look good and work out? You’re more likely to get your butt in the gym if you’ve got nice kit to wear, and if you’ve splashed out on decent trainers then make the expense worth it by get good use of them.


5.    Try something new… get a new workout programme, try a new class, set a new goal, don’t get bogged down doing the same old thing.


6.    Get fired up with a pre-workout… If your energy levels are a little low try a pre-workout for a boost before you hit the gym, there are a great range of options here: https://monstersupplements.com/store/product_list-cat-7-asc-long_name-lang-1.html


7.    Make a new music playlist and get the tunes pumping during your workout or download your favourite TV show to watch on your phone/tablet while doing cardio.


8.    Wake up and work out! Get your workout in early in the day before your other daily commitments distract you from your goals. Statistically you’ll be more focused and productive for the rest of the day if you work out in the morning.


9.    Treat yourself for working out… If you’ve completed a grueling gym session and burnt hundreds of calories… then yes why not have a little treat guilt free (don’t go over board) but trust me that bit of chocolate tastes so much better if you know you’ve had a good gym session that day.


10.    Record your progress, either privately or on social media, encourage competition and motivate others… each week set a little goal to achieve something, either lift heavier, lose a little extra weight, do a few more minutes cardio… keep pushing, the extra effort adds up to make a big difference!




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