Why Is Water So Important?

Here we have an article all about water written by Monster Ambassador Amy Hills.

Just like most people, before I started training I knew that water was “good for you” but wasn’t really sure why. There are so many reasons to drink water, not just to help appearance but from a health point and general daily function and needs.

Your body is composed of more than 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.


I thought I would write this weeks blog on my top 5 reasons we need to drink good old H2O...



1 – Energy

Water makes up up to 75% of our muscle tissue, therefore if we are low on water and dehydrated our muscles can feel weaker and more fatigued. Water helps to regulate the body and flush out toxins and bacteria, thus helping us feel less sluggish and more alert. There are many studies that discuss the links with hydration and performance on many levels.


2- Skin texture and tone

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Regular and plentiful water consumption can improve the color and texture of your skin by keeping it building new cells properly. Drinking water also helps the skin do it's job of regulating the body's temperature through sweating which is obviously essential when working out. I tend to drink at least 1ltr during a work out along with the 2lts during the day.


3 – Cellulite

The dreaded orange peel thighs. This is something I’ve looked into for many years, I’ve suffered with cellulite from a very young age and sought many different opinions on how to combat the stubborn dimples – water, water ,water is what I’ve always been told from everyone. I have found that water has helped as the water helps removes toxins and break up fat cells as well as toning the skin and helping improve the overall appearance. Very lean thinner girls are just as prone as more curvy ladies, its all about the water!!


4 – Dehydration

Can cause fatigue, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, dry and wrinkled skin, brittle hair and nails, cold fingers and toes, constipation, eczema, headaches, urinary tract infections, and muscle pains. Dehydration can be the cause and lead many infections and pains in the body. I suffer from IBS and migraines and if I don’t drink enough water I can really feel the difference. If your body is struggling for water it will use moisture from anywhere it can and this can also cause constipation and flaky dry skin.


5 – Curb Appetite

Water acts as an appetite suppressant, especially a large ice cold glass on an empty stomach. Having a large glass of water half an hour before a meal will make you feel fuller quicker. Drinking water throughout the day can help prevent snacking and hunger pains. Also drinking water while eating your meal helps you feel fuller and helps digestion.



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