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Raw Supps have burst onto the supplement seen in the Hull and East Riding region bringing some new and innovative products to the market.

Raw Supps gained some serious momentum when they teamed up with the number 1 strength and conditioning company in the county, Latus Training, and exposed their cutting edge products to the elite athletes on the Latus Training program, such as Olympic Gold Medallist boxer Luke Campbell and Hull FC power-house Micky Paea. With professional athletes such as these guys using and loving the products the hype surrounding Raw Supps is growing fast.

Micky Paea Micky Paea

Raw Supps was created to produce products with research backed nutrients at effective quantities. Frustrated by the number of products in the industry that contain only token quantities of beneficial nutrients, the product developers at Raw Supps set about designing the highest quality cutting edge supplements which truly work.

Jack Latus, coach at Latus Training and the guy responsible for keeping Luke Campbell in great shape every time he steps in the ring, said

“Our athletes have made great gains on the CH40 Workout Fuel. We seem to be able to push them harder and harder every time they come to the gym yet they are recovering faster than ever. I guess that is down to the high amounts of Peptopro and L-leucine in the formula leading to rapid muscle protein regeneration. Micky in particular has been a big advocate for the CH40 with a number of the other Hull FC players jumping on the Raw Supps band wagon.”

Currently available in the Raw Supps product range are the following supplements: CH40 Workout Fuel, Raw Define, Raw Greens Extreme, Raw Whey and 1 litre Nalgene shakers.

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CH40 Workout Fuel

Popular amongst top athletes and gym goers who aim to push themselves every time they enter the gym, contains Peptopro, the fastest absorbed protein source available, L-leucine, creatine pyruvate, beta alanine and citruline malate. CH40 is arguably the most effective intra-workout formula available on the market today…


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Raw Define

A nutrient repartitioning fat metaboliser designed to improve body composition by combining 4 nutrients which have been shown to reduce body fat levels and increase the body’s ability to channel nutrients to the muscle cell through activation of receptor sites in the muscle. Raw Define is the only fat burner containing tetradecylthioacetic acid (TTA) available…

raw define

Find Out More About The benefits of Raw Define Here

Luke Campbell Luke Campbell

Raw Greens Extreme

Raw Greens Extreme contains 11 super greens, probiotics for gut health and caffeine for increased focus. Raw greens is the perfect way to kick start your day or can be consumed for a healthy pick me up in the afternoon or pre workout…

raw greens

Read about Raw Greens Extreme Here


Raw Whey

Raw Whey is an 80% whey protein concentrate derived from vegetarian sweet cheese which is membrane filtered and dried at the lowest temperatures and pressures possible to produce the highest quality whey protein available. Raw Whey has a superior amino acid protein and is available in a number of delicious flavours…

raw whey

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Raw Supps Shaker

The Raw Nalgene Shakers will stand out in any gym environment with their unique design and colours. The major benefit of the Raw Supps Shaker is that they are BPA free meaning that the bottle does not leach toxins into your drinks as other plastic bottles and shakers do.


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Overall, we're really pleased with the new Raw Supps brand here on Monster.

We've had some great feedback already and we're looking forward to hearing more!

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