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Here we have an overview of the NEW PhD Nutrition Advanced Mass weight gainer by Chris Brodie, one of the Monster Supplements experts who helps people reach their goals using his knowledge and know-how on a daily basis!



“Heads up to all the HARD GAINERS and serious MASS ADDICTS!"


During these cold months it’s time to lock ourselves up, pack in the calories and add some size! Now is the time to make the changes we need to improve our physiques for the following year. Back at the start of my bodybuilding journey I started out a 10 stone wet through teenager and a top all time hardgainer I knew the best way forward was CALORIES CALORIES CALORIES! My diet and nutritional knowledge was progressing but I needed that little extra something to help me recover and get me into that surplus I needed to add size, for me all this would have been perfect….

Now in addition to tasting delicious tasting and mixing smoothly it has some truly key product highlights in my eyes, when choosing a high calorie gainer:

  • 4 stage protein blend to make sure you get that instant fix of protein you need, then drip fed slow digesting proteins and amino’s to keep you anabolic for hours to come


  • 3 stage carbohydrate delivery/recovery system designed to shuttle the vital ingredients straight into the muscle by unlocking transport proteins within the muscles cell membranes, whilst also replenish glycogen (stored carbohydrate for energy)


  • 5g of creatine for muscular performance by providing the essential raw materials for ATP re-synthesis. Additionally increasing water retention in the muscle improving muscle hydration.


  • Zinc & magnesium for optimum hormonal balance and improved testosterone levels, infact when combined with Vitamin B-6 it has shown a increase 43.7% higher testosterone levels and 25% greater IGF-1 levels in trained individuals


But it doesn’t just stop there, let’s talk numbers! With over a staggering 50g of protein, 193g of carbohydrates per serving as well as 15g of MCT’s from coconut oil it’s going to satisfy any need you have for extra calories!




How do I know if the Advanced MASS is the product for me?

If you struggle to put on weight or recover between sessions and have used products before like O.N Serious Mass, USN Muscle fuel anabolic or Reflex One stop extreme but want to step things up this is 100% for you!


So when is the best time to use the Advanced MASS?

I take 1 x 300g serving with water immediately post workout and another between my mid-morning and early afternoon meals.

If you are serious about size you are able to get your very own tub of Advanced MASS here from!




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