NRG FUEL BCAA & Glutamine Review by Myles Leask

Here we have a review of the NRG Fuel BCAA & Glutamine by commercial/fitness model, actor, personal trainer and NRG FUEL sponsored athlete Myles Leask


NRG FUEL’s BCAA & Glutamine forms an integral part of my supplementation for several reasons.

Firstly, as part of my training regime I perform fasted cardio early morning as I find this method of training extremely effective for burning fat.

A downside to training fasted, however, is that it can result in an unwanted loss of muscle mass as the body also breaks down amino acids for fuel. By taking NRG FUEL’s BCAA & Glutamine both pre and during my workout it helps prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue whilst preserving the fast and allowing for optimal fat burning.

I also use NRG FUEL’s BCAA & Glutamine during my resistance training. My personal favorite is the cherry flavor, not only does it taste great but I am able to simply add it to water and sip it throughout my training helping keep my body in a positive state of growth.

NRG FUEL’s BCAA & Glutamine is the best supplement I have found for aiding recovery, helping rid me of Muscle soreness (DOM’S) quickly and allowing me to be ready for my next session. It also helps boost my immune system which is vital in bodybuilding as levels of Glutamine fall rapidly during intense workouts.




Below is an example day in my diet and supplementation. I usually eat like this during the week and then have the weekend off.


Wake – 2 scoops of NRG FUEL BCAA & Glutamine


Breakfast (Post Cardio)

- 4 Scrambled eggs and 4 rashers of lean turkey bacon

- 1 chopped banana and zero Greek yoghurt


11am – 2 scoops of NRG FUEL 100% Whey Protein


Lunch – 2 Chicken Breasts, Spinach, Grated carrot, cucumber


Pre workout – 2 scoops of NRG FUEL NO2 Max


Intra Workout - NRG FUEL BCAA & Glutamine


Post Workout - 2 scoops NRG FUEL TTP Anabolic


Dinner – 2 Ostrich steaks, Tender stem broccoli, sweet potato chips


Pre bed – NRG FUEL Casein (In terms of handling cravings NRGFUEL Casein helps as its mixes into a delicious guilt free protein dessert which satisfies my sweet tooth).






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