A Day In The Life Of Sci-MX Athlete Beth Workman

Here we have a guest article from Sci-MX's awesome athlete - Beth Workman!

In this piece Beth tells us how she fits her fitness efforts around her life, check out the below piece for a day in the life of Beth Workman!


How Beth Fits Training & Nutrition Around A Career

I often get asked how do I manage to keep up with training, eating right and staying in good shape with a busy career and being on the go all day. My simple answer is that if it makes you happy you will find a way; anything is possible if you are organised and you have enough drive and determination to be the way you want to be.

At the moment I am a Specialist Teaching Assistant. I work 1 to 1 with children with behavior problems all over Cardiff and I love my job, it’s very rewarding and I Personal Train in my own time around work because I still have a passion for Fitness.

I do sometimes feel that my life is non-stop, but I don't think I'd be happy any other way. I love being busy, and the school holidays are always much needed! Working with children is hard work albeit extremely rewarding.

I have recently changed my training to every other day. I'm finding this works best for me in relation to training results, diet and most importantly work/life balance, which I believe is the key to happiness. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday are weight training days for me. Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday are either days off or cardio at home depending on how I feel and if there are any events or holidays coming up.

The 4 weight training days are also my carb days. The other days are my non carb days.
After trying many different ways of cycling carbs, I've found that this works best for me. For the time being anyway. If I hit a plateau I will experiment other avenues as I always do.


A Typical Day


5.30AM Alarm

(Weight Training & Carb day)


6.30/6.45AM Alarm

Off/Cardio & Non Carb day

(Believe it or not but this is a lie in!)

Coffee/SCI-MX X-PLODE Pre workout upon awakening on training days.



Arrive at my local (and the best!) gym UFIT Cardiff.

SCI-MX BCAA INTRA HARDCORE powder to sip whilst training.


Monday: Shoulders & Glutes

Tuesday: Off/Cardio

Wednesday: Back & Chest

Thursday: Off/Cardio

Friday: Legs & Glutes

Saturday: Arms & Abs

Sunday: Off


7.10AM - Finish Training

Post training I have SCI-MX ULTRA WHEY PROTEIN, Vanilla Flavour with 30g Oats in the shake.

Non training/Cardio Days I still have Oats & Protein for breakfast, as it works best both physically and mentally for me, but they will be the only carbs I will have on an otherwise non carb day.


8.30AM - Start work


10.30AM - Break

10 Almonds (I count them out so that I don't have to resist any urge!)

1 banana.


12PM - Lunchtime

I am usually on the go for part of lunchtime because I am in different schools morning and afternoon, so preparation is key for me.

On a carb day I have already prepared either a portion of rice cooked in coconut milk, or potatoes.

Along with some protein, usually fish, eggs or chicken and an avocado.

On a non-carb day I will have a tub of cottage cheese or some fish with greens and an avocado.


3.30PM - Finish Work


4PM to 6PM - These hours are when I would train a PT client


6PM - Evening Meal

Meat or Fish with greens, carbs again on a carb day, more veg instead on the carb free days.



GRS 9-HOUR PROTEIN Slow releasing Protein by SCI-MX, in Strawberry or Chocolate flavour.


9.30 to 10PM

I aim for an early night on a school night to get a good quality 8 hour sleep. This doesn't always happen of course, but this is what I aim for.

With most meals I take SCI-MX TRI OMEGA EFA Fish Oils and plenty of vitamins.

To many people this diet would probably seem bland and boring, but I've eaten this way for so long since competing, that it's become normal to me now and I love it.

My boyfriend has also eaten this way since before we met, so it's even easier to keep to it because we both eat the same (apart from the portion size), plus there are days when he keeps me on the straight and narrow, and vice versa.

But we are only human at the end of the day. I relax a little on the weekend, some weekends more than others, and I definitely eat a lot on holidays! We take holidays regularly because it's what we like to do most. It gives us a focus in life/work, and it certainly helps with training motivation. You can't physically and mentally function this way all year as I've outlined, so breaks/holidays or special occasions are just as important.

I could talk all day about what I like to eat on a 'relaxed/cheat' day shall we say. A healthy cheat would be Fajitas or Beans on Toast with Cheese. The really BAD things I love are Chinese food, Donuts, Cookies & Ice Cream; probably the worst things you could have so they have to be well earned!

We are planning a road trip through California soon. Americans are big on food so I can't wait for this. I will be taking regular trips to Muscle Beach Gym or any other gym nearby to maintain shape though!

And that is a typical day of working, training and nutrition for me - around my career.

On a side note, I rarely drink alcohol these days. Once in a while I have a big night out with my girlfriends or boyfriend, I drink whilst on holidays and maybe the odd glass of wine at home on a Saturday night. My party animal days are behind me; I'm old, healthy & boring now, and want different things out of life and am happier than I've ever been! :)

I hope you've enjoyed reading an insight into my typical day.



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