Reflex Muscle Bomb Review

In a category full of ‘proprietary blends’, Reflex nutrition bring us Muscle Bomb with absolute transparency about the ingredients and packing quite a punch.

mb Ty Ogedegbe

What’s The Lowdown?

Muscle Bomb delivers mega doses of key ingredients to deliver what is possibly the highest spec pre-workout formula on the market.

Key Ingredients Per 30g Double Serving

- 8g Citruline Malate

- 3.2g Beta Alanine

- 7g BCAA

- 2g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

- 2.6g Betaine Anhyrous


What did we think of Reflex’s Muscle Bomb?

The specifications of Muscle Bomb are really impressive, delivering all the key ingredients in mega doses.

Plus we liked that fact that the Muscle Bomb has been sweetened with Stevia!



The label advises that you take Muscle Bomb 30-40 minutes prior to your workout but the beta alanine could be felt within the first 10 minute or so. By the time the workout began 20 minutes later, we found ourselves energised and ready to train.  The 250mg of Caffeine per double serving gave us plenty of focus and intensity without feeling over stimulated - just right to be honest!

mb1 Ben Mudge

It was chest and triceps day in the gym and during our warm up of cable cross overs we really experienced the mind muscle connection & a serious pump! If you've not taken something like this before, you'll be in for a welcome surprise!

Anyway, by the time our warm up sets were over we were seriously pumped and ready to attack our workout!

The take home message is that the Muscle Bomb delivers a constant stream of quality focus without a crash.




Explosive Energy and Performance

The intensity of the workout using Muscle Bomb was fantastic, the combination of ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Citrulline and Betaine (in the doses backed by the research) helped us increase our by intensity taking shorter rest periods and helping us drive through quite a high volume workout experiencing an awesome pump, plus the benefits of the BCAAs (good if you're training first thing in the morning).


Taste &Mixability

You should tread carefully when mixing Muscle Bomb, it mixes very well and does not require vigorous shaking – in fact pressure build up from too much shaking can be ‘explosive’. We have experienced this with other high end pre workout formulas and may be down to the  Sodium Bicarbonate which has been added for both performance and enhancing the mixability of all these ingredients. Taste wise, we had the grapefruit which was refreshing , especially considering the potent ingredients within the formula which without flavouring don't taste great to say the least!

mb2 Adey Dent – World Champion Masters Cycling



Muscle Bomb is an extremely high spec and potent pre-workout formula that bucks the trend of stimulant heavy proprietary blends. If you’re looking for a product that delivers in terms of ingredients and performance , look no further.








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