After losing a lot of weight, getting addicted to the gym and seeing great changes in my body, I decided to set my self the ultimate goal of getting on a stage to compete.

I wanted to choose a federation and work hard to achieve the goal of a competitor.

After asking around many people in the industry and looking into many different federations, what they're about and what their competitions consist of I decided to go for the world beauty and fitness federation - WBFF.

Abby Pell Abby Pell

The main reasons for this is because its got an excellent reputation and is an extremely glamourous show, with high quality  competitors - and  it's very similar to a beauty pageant.

The reason for this is because I have a lot of experience in pageants and on modelling catwalks so this competition would be ideal for me, plus it'll give me a huge push to be the best I can be.

The girls who compete in WBFF are truly stunning, I have a few girls I really look up to and are an inspiration to push me harder.

2 Claire Aves

In the white is my friend Claire Aves she competed in the diva fitness category and placed 3rd in last weeks WBFF show. She also placed 2nd last year in her very first competition. She is an inspiration.

In red is a fellow Monster Ambassador Abby Pell, Abby competed in the diva bikini category and placed 4th In last weeks WBFF. Abby was head to toe glamour and looked amazing.




One of the things I love about WBFF is that they judge you on overall appearance and confidence, they take into account your whole appearance, hair, make-up, tan, bikini, stage presence and skin tone.

They call the female rounds 'diva' and on their web page have this statement

"A diva is a great or famous woman. A female deity. 2. A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty. ‘Diva” is the Italian word for “goddess” the feminine form of the Italian word divus (= “GOD”)"


Categories in WBFF


Diva Fitness

This category is more muscular with clear separation and definition of muscles.

There are 2 rounds, bikini 2 piece and theme round which consists of a glamour a theme such as show girl, Victoria secret style etc.



Diva Bikini

This category is less muscular, softer and generally thinner appearance, although extremely lean and toned, muscle separation is less visible and abs not as defined.

There are also 2rounds, bikini 2 piece and evening gown.


Although I love the idea of the theme round in diva fitness, at the moment I have chosen diva bikini. I think I would suit a softer appearance and my frame would suit this look better with me being short.

Although I will have to see how my body changes over the next few months.


The Show

WBFF UK shows are typically June and November each year at the prestigious O2 arena in London.

After watching many YouTube videos and photos I decided to go and watch the November show to get a real feel for the show. I was lucky enough to get 2nd row tickets and had a great view.


As soon as all the girls came out in their bikinis, I had goose pimples thinking that will hopefully be me next time!

The standard was very very high and made me really focused and put into action what is ahead for me.


What Now?

Now I know where I need to be and what I'm aiming for - I've seen the high standard and what's in store.

I'm hopefully aiming for the June 2015 competition, therefore have 6 months of hard work and dedication!

It's a very long and hard process, not just gym and food prep, but all aspects from posing training, bikini planning, comp prep and planning the 12 and 4 weeks core comp plan.

If I am not ready for June I will enter in November, however feel with the right guidance and support, and 6 months of hard work I will be on that stage in the best shape I can be.

I've now started with a new trainer Kate Michalkova,  whom herself is competitor and placed in many comps.

My next BLOG will be about how my new trainer has changed my routine from new work outs and diet to planning and prepping me. I think working with a female competitor is a great idea for me and helps me focus more to achieve my goal.

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