Training & Nutrition For a UFC Fighter by Karlos Vemola

My name is Karlos Vemola and I’m a Garnell Nutrition sponsored athlete.

My sport is CAGE FIGHTING and the pinnacle of my career was becoming a UFC fighter.

Here I’ve put together a typical training day to give you an idea of how I push myself hard through my intense training in preparation for a big fight.

It is a tough sport, and to be the best I have to train and eat like any other athlete.

I have relied upon Garnell Nutrition for over 5 years!

As you can see, I have a very heavily supplemented diet, this is to allow me maximum recovery during my packed daily schedule.


A Typical Day


Oats in water with 2 scoops of GN’s High Performance Whey protein with added mixed berries

6 x BCAA’s, teaspoon of Creatine and L-Glutamine



6 x BCAA’s, teaspoon of L-Glutamine

WEIGHT TRAINING SESSION: High rep low weights and low reps and high weights (all in the same session).

I train 1 muscle group per day over 5 days, just as a bodybuilder would.

Post training shake, Garnell Anabolic Mass, 2 scoops in water.


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Chicken breast, Rice and Vegetables

1 x Bromelain capsule (digestive enzyme)



6 x BCAA’s before I start my workout

I do an hour and a half of sparring work in an MMA Boxing ring.

Once I’ve finished I take another 6 BCAA’s and a teaspoon of L-Glutamine.



2 scoops of GN’s Anabolic Mass



1 x Bromelain capsule (digestive enzyme)

Steak, vegetables and potato



6 x BCAA’s

Fighting technique training (going over and correcting the mistakes I made in my sparring session at 2.30)

In this session I also do strength and conditional training.

Post workout shake, 1 x scoop of GN Anabolic Mass.



Fish with rice and vegetables



GN’s High Performance Whey shake with semi skimmed milk.



The consistency of my training, diet and quality of supplementation is what gives me the edge.


And this edge is what makes me achieve!








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