Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein Review

It's review time once again here on the Monster Resource!

This week we're reviewing the updated Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein, for the past few weeks we've had access to the soon to be released product and they've done a great job!

After trying it for ourselves, we're now reporting back on what we found.

(This new updated product is soon to be added to the Monster site - so check back here on Monster soon!)

 First of All, What is Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein?

Essentially the Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein is a protein powder, many consider protein powder a staple supplement, many people don't really consider a protein powder to be a "supplement" as it's simply protein, but in powdered form.

The majority of the powder consists of whey protein (as you'd expect) - it uses a few different types of protein including; whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey along with the benefits of a few other ingredients too (additionally it's gluten free).

It's not really something you "feel" working, as it's a protein powder, unlike a stimulant based product where you feel it within minutes!

Aids muscle recovery
Premium micro-filtered whey
Boosts muscle nitrogen
Award winning formula





Monster Thoughts

When is it meant to be used?Shaker

As previously mentioned - it's a protein powder, so it can be used when convenient for you.

Most people tend to use a protein powder like the Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein when it's convenient and they can't or don't necessarily want to (perhaps due to time constraints) eat a protein source such as chicken for example.

Before/after a workout can be a great time as it's light on the stomach, doesn't take long to prepare and you can focus other things that you need to do before and after a workout!

Sometimes, if you have a meal that's pretty low in protein, having a shake (perhaps half a serving or so) can be useful to get an amount of protein that's nearer to what you want.


Taste & Mixability

Taste wise, it's certainty a good tasting protein powder. When mixing it with cold water (we tried the strawberry flavour) it's quite a nice flavour, not too sweet or sickly which can happen with some protein powders. Having with milk is even better (just like with most whey protein powders), although for the purposes of this review we're basing it on when used with water as that's what the majority of people use most of the time.

The mixability is good, we used a Monster Shaker (with wire ball) and found that it mixed well. Usually a good 10 seconds of shaking does the job (providing your using the right amount of water) - like with most shakes.



The packaging, although not important in terms of results…makes a difference, of course you want what you buy to look good.

The packaging has a nice and clean look and the text is all easy to read, additionally the tub is decent quality and the lid screws on tight so you shouldn’t get any issues with spilling the powder.



To wrap up, we like the  Sci MX Ultra Whey Protein - for those looking for a decent protein powder (or a gluten free protein powder) that tastes good and uses mainly whey (whey protein has a great amino acid profile which is one of the reasons it's so popular) it's a good choice.

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