Raw Supps CH40 Workout Fuel Review

Review by Josh Beet


New to Monster this is the brand ‘Raw Supps’ – a new, no nonsense brand.

Their products are extremely ‘honest’ for better terminology as they are all carefully formulated with the best ‘raw’ ingredients to positively influence recovery, performance & growth.

The product that appealed to me the most was their core product the ‘CH40 Workout Fuel’. The CH40 is a PeptoPro based protein which can be used pre, intra or post workout. The di-peptides & tri-peptides in the PeptoPro Casein based hydrolysate have been found to be extremely potent in terms of increasing recovery rates & protein synthesis (anabolism – building muscle).

Due to the make-up and speed of the protein uptake it is, in my opinion a perfect intra workout protein. To augment the effect of the CH40 I also like to mix a source of fast acting carbohydrates with it. The choice of carbohydrates I like to use is Maltodextrin (20g) & Vitargo (30g); both fast acting in nature to compliment the CH40 - serving size based on my body weight 8ch404kg.

With this potent intra workout blend I now have the availability of the fast acting carbohydrates to help spike insulin (blood sugar regulating hormone) and the CH40 (fast acting PeptoPro protein) to shuttle into my working muscles as they are being exercised keeping my working muscles ‘anabolic’.

In addition to the fantastic quality of the CH40, the flavour is one of the best I’ve personally come across. Taste isn’t everything for me as long as the product serves a purpose but it certainly helps and encourages me to take the product.

For a great price considering the top end ingredients you can invest in the CH40 Workout Fuel (900g) which gives you 15 x 60g servings.

However, I personally half my serving to a 30g serving so I can get 30 servings out of the tub as I take a post work out protein too. This enables me to get 23g pre-digested PeptoPro protein intra work out & then an additional 30/40g whey concentrate/ isolate post work out.



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