Peak Week - By Abby Pell

Peak Week

So after 10 long and gruelling weeks of strict dieting and intensive training, I’m finally on the home stretch. It’s the biggest fitness show to ever be held in Europe with competitors coming from all over the world to take the stage in London’s O2 Indigo Arena. I feel like I’m running on pure adrenalin in anticipation. There’s a lot more behind the scenes preparation that goes on before you finally step out on stage. Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to in the lead up to WBFF.



After 10 weeks of heavy strength training, I can relax slightly this week, with my body fat at its lowest it’s important not to overdo it in the gym as you’re at a greater risk of injury. I have introduced a little more cardio the last week or so just to keep me burning up those calories. And of course I’ve been practising my stage posing, doing specific posture and core strengthening exercise and stretching regularly to keep me flexible.



I have been carb cycling with my diet, which basically means my calorie intake remains the same each day but some days will be higher in carbs and lower in fats followed by a day where I’ll cut the carbs to minimum but replace the lost calories with good fats (avocados, nuts, oily fish) I’ve really found this is the most effective way to stop your body reaching a plateau when it comes to fat loss. I will do a more in depth Blog specifically on Carb cycling after the comp so stay tuned.


Pre Comp Tricks of the Trade

This week I will be water loading, which basically means upping your water intake considerably higher than normal to ensure your body doesn’t store any water, giving your muscles more definition under your skin. It seem silly to flood your body with water to prevent water retention however if your body gets used to this higher level of liquid intake it no longer feels the need to store water, thus eliminating any residual water stored in your bodies tissue.

Added vitamin C also helps flush the water out, try these:


All that’s left is sorting my Bikini, Tan, Hair and Makeup for the big day!


Wish me luck!


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