My WBFF Experience

10 weeks of intensive diet and training finally lead me to show day...

As I drove up to London the night before to register and get my first glimpse at the competition and the judges I was filled with nervous excitement. We all sat in a large conference room in the Marriott at West India Quay while the organisers congratulated us on our hard work and gave us all huge encouragement for the following show day.

As my fake tan developedAbbys Abs I was eager to get home and try and sleep. The next day I woke up thirsty, but the dehydration process meant I had to keep water to a minimum on the day of the show. I gave myself a final glance in the mirror. My skin felt super tight to my muscles and my abs looked more defined than ever. I was as ready as I’d ever be.

I got to the arena and made my way backstage for my hair, make up and final tan appointment. Everyone chatted about their preparation, compared tans, abs, routines, costumes, and more importantly what they were planning on eating after the show haha.


There was quite a lot of waiting around, I had no Idea there’d be so many athletes and categories. I think there were over 250 competitors in the end. I had my number ready, 128, my bejewelled bikini on and I was finally ready to hit the stage. I’d run through my posing routine a million times but nothing prepares you for the noise, bright lights and atmosphere of the stage. I took a deep breath and stepped out with a smile.

It was all over in a flash, I could hear my friends cheering from the crowd and as I stood at the back of the stage nervously awaiting the results I was praying that I’d made top 10. That was my initial goal, they began to announce the finalists and when they got to the top 5 I heard my name being called. I stepped forward with a huge grin, aAbyynd received my medal for 4th place.

I was so happy, to have exceeded my own expectations for the first time competing with the WBFF was an amazing feeling. Especially when the other girls all looked so good, the line-up was tough. Everyone really dedicates themselves and it shows. I got some great feedback from the judges who all congratulated me for doing so well in my first WBFF show.

I honestly can’t wait to do it all again next year!





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