FitMark Bags Review by Josh Beet

So, new to Monster is the FitMark bag.

A convenient yet fashionable accessory for the modern day athlete and gym go’er.

As we all know accessing meals during the day when we’re out and about on the move can sometimes prove very difficult and interrupt our dieting routine, not to mention it being a constant mental strain trying to source decent food over no-go fast food takeaways.

Having the FitMark bag I’ve been able to prepare all of my meals & supplementation before my day and pack them in a convenient & organised fashion for the following day – “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.in article 1

The bag comes in variable sizes ranging from a smaller, more compact accessory ranging up to a full blown duffle bag. Depending on where you’re heading and what you’re doing can depend on which size to invest in.

I’ve certainly found the FitMark bag has helped me keep my foods organised which in turn allows me to stay in my day to day eating routine a lot more effectively. If you’re a dedicated athlete it’s imperative to keep your nutrition on point, therefore a wise & justifiable investment.

Circumstances where I’ve found these particularly convenient is when I’m travelling considerable distances with limited access to good foods & meal sources. In addition they’re very helpful at times when I’m completely stationary for an extended period of time too such as watching a bodybuilding/ competitive show.


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