How to Make the Most of Your Off Season by Flex Lewis

How to Make the Most of Your Off Season - by Flex Lewis, 3 x Mr Olympia 212 and Team BSN Athlete

The Welsh Dragon and three times Mr Olympia 212 Flew Lewis shares his best advice for making those off-season gains – because #SizeMatters


1.      Get a training plan and stick to it

One of the biggest mistakes people make is having no structure to their training plan. With so many on the market it can be difficult to decide, but do your research, pick one and stick to it – results takes time.

2.      Get in and get out of the gym

The longer you train, the more you gain – WRONG. Workouts should last no more than 45-60 minutes, any longer and you will just be causing muscle break-down. Train smarter, not harder.

3.      Train with your head not with your ego

I see guys in the gym too often pick up weights that are too heavy – pick a weight that challenges you but allows you to perform the full set, full rep and really get the motion of the exercise you are trying to perform. This is how you will earn serious results.

4.      Knowledge is power

Read, research and try... it’s the only way you will learn what works best for you. BUT don’t stop before you’ve seen it through. Things don’t happen instantly so give it a chance to work.

5.      Use a training & food diary

If you’re starting out then this is a great way to keep you accountable and allow you to see how you are progressing. It’s a good idea to keep account of your weight/measurements, food and training, including the weights you use.

Seeing your progression is an awesome way to keep you motivated.

If you’re a more advanced athlete, this is a great way to see where you made the best gains.

6.      Consider a coach

If you’re seriously thinking about competing or have a goal you want to hit within a set time then you can’t beat having a coach. Look for a coach with a good-track record and who specializes in your goal purpose.Flex In Article

7.      Eat.

It’s not only about getting enough calories, it’s about eating the right ones. To gain size, you have to have surplus calories so you can grow. But that doesn’t give you the right to eat rubbish – if you eat the wrong type of calories your physique will show it. Meal timing + quality calories = quality gains.

8.      Positive mind set.

I’m a massive believer that the mind has a massive connection to growing and your ability to recover – I really believe you grow when you’re happy, so that said, stay as stress free as possible and enjoy the ride.

9.    Get your eight hours and try napping

We all know that sleep is the key to growth, it stimulates the production of growth hormone and protein synthesis, so don’t sacrifice on your quality eight hours – even try and squeeze in naps where possible to really maximize those gains.

10.    Get used to rest days

People think the more I train, the more gains I’ll make – far from it! Your body needs to repair from all your hard hours in the gym – and when does it achieve the most? On your DAY OFF!





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Flex Lewis

With a nickname that couldn’t be more fitting for a bodybuilder, it surprises fans to learn that ‘Flex’ originated on the rugby pitch instead of the weight room.

Flex Lewis was noted for flexibility during his years playing elite level rugby in his native Wales. Rugby also introduced Flex to weight training for increasing power movements. One day in the gym, a local bodybuilder named Steve Naylor suggested that his physique had pro bodybuilder potential. After a year of training with him, Flex won the Junior Mr. Wales title at his first competition.

At that event, Flex met IFBB Pro Neil Hill who convinced him to adopt his diet and training program. Flex won the Junior Mr. Britain title four weeks later.

After establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on stage in UK events, Flex headed to the U.S. where he trained at Gold’s Venice and Milos Sarcev’s Kolosseum Gym.

In 2014 Flex achieved the inconceivable when he went onto become three-time winner of Mr. Olympia 212 and 1st champion of the Arnold Classic 212 as a BSN athlete.

Flex personifies BSN’s FINISH FIRST™ commitment and is recognized as possessing the world’s greatest 212 physique.



Check Out How To Build Muscle in the Below Video with Flex!




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