Weight Management Systems T6 Review - By Daniel Walls

The new T6 Fat Incinerator is a combination of a thermogenic stimulator and a water management supplement with the added bonus of mildly suppressing the appetite.

This makes it an ideal product for anyone wanting to lose weight whilst on a calorie controlled diet for whatever reason that may be.  As everyone already knows you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight and in my experience that also means being hungry. With a controlled appetite the chances of you reaching your weight loss goals are heightened significantly.






This ingredient accelerates fat loss, increases metabolism which means you burn more calories through the day. Increases performance, improves focus and suppresses appetite.





Responsible for transporting fats into cells where they can be used as energy, will decrease visceral fat (stomach fat), and increase exercise performance.


Bitter Orange Peel

Used as an effective stimulant and appetite suppressant.


Capsium Extract

A type of plant that has been rigorously tested and shown to significantly increase thermogenesis and mobilise the body fat around the abdominal area.



Green Tea Extract

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, improves brain function and increases fat burning and physical performance.



Having looked at the list of ingredients and researched each one individually (as I do with all supplements I take) I was very excited to try this product.


I started with the one capsule as soon as I woke up,20mins pre fasted cardio.  As I am a bit of a stimulant junkie I didn’t really feel any effects of this during my cardio.


However, the following morning I took 2 capsules which contains around 400mg of caffeine, I think it is safe to say I got that focus and tunnel vision feeling I love in a weight management supplement. After taking this for a number of weeks I increased my cardio to 1hr and my exercise capacity did not suffer one bit, I still had that mental focus to carry me all the way through.


I tested this product for just 4 weeks with a clean diet, progressive cardio programme and structured training programme. My aim was to lose fat and water without compromising muscle which I achieved.
Very good product which will defiantly be an asset to my next contest prep.




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