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Last Friday I attended an amateur boxing show hosted by my good friend and former manager Stevie Smith, at an Amateur Boxing club.

The show consisted of around 15 fights ranging from under 11's skill bouts to Senior Development Championship bouts, with fighters from all over Yorkshire competing against Hull. Even some Hull Darby's!

I was so impressed with the talent showcased by all the amateurs I decided to write a blog about the show. Every single home fighter from Stevie Smith's boxing academy won on the night which was quite impressive.

I train at that gym so I have the pleasure of seeing these guys train and witnessing just how hard they work.

For me it was pretty interesting to see the 3 Senior Development Championship bouts because as I mentioned in an earlier blog, Amateur Boxing has evolved since I turned professional in 2012. Those were the first amateur bouts I'd seen were competitors did not wear protective headgear. Which makes for some nail biting contests!

Amateur paced action packed fights between opponents with very equal abilities. Hull had two fighters competing in these semi finals from St Pauls ABC and one of them got through to the finals and so I've heard won the final to become Yorkshire Champion, so big props to St Pauls ABC!

The standout performance of the night for me was Stevie Smiths young prospect 'Regan Murrey'. This young teenager got to a perfect start against what people thought was a 50/50 opponent. Looking better than his age and experience would suggest Regan dominated the first round with accurate punching and a slick defense. Impressing me with fancy moves, slipping shots and coming back with clean single shots. His opponent fighting out of Burmontofts BA from Leeds got a little more success in the second round as he tried to spoil the home fighters relaxed counterpunching style. Regan soon adapted and managed to sail to an easy unanimous points decision victory.

- So if your reading this Regan well done!

Also a massive well done to all the clubs who competed on the night and to all the coaches who dedicate their time volunteering to help guide these young stars on the path of there dreams.

It's all about the next generation and nothing Inspires me more then too see such heart and determination from kids as young as 11 years old!

Boxing isn't a sport its a lifestyle.

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