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When you train shoulders, what do you think?

..."I’ll start with a pressing exercise, do some side laterals, maybe some front raises and then squeeze in rear delts if I have time?"


So you do all that, but still can't understand why you don't have capped full delts! It's because that's basic... Even if you throw in drop sets, negatives and all that jazz it's still not enough!

YES you need to overload the muscle, YES you need to hit all muscle heads with a variation of exercises, and YES you need a strong mind-muscle connection to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible!

BUT there is something that you may of not considered that could really help maximise your training… These are STRENGTH CURVES. Most of you won't even know what these are and that's ok because I am about to reveal all.

First let's take a muscle group... Delts (since we have started with this body part)...Now let’s break it down further into the Anterior, Medial and Posterior. Now let's take it further and look at the strength curve of one; say Anterior. This is the full plain of motion for the front lateral raise.


Tension during this exercise can be maximised at different points during this plain of motion depending on which point during the plain of motion resistance is at its highest. By changing the body’s position whilst performing the raise, you can hit all the muscle fibres more readily throughout the motion.

We are going to break this down and focus on 3 separate variations providing maximum tension at the bottom of the raise, the middle and then at the top.

So basically we are going to complete sets sat back on an incline bench (emphasis on the bottom of the rep), sat up straight (emphasis on the mid motion of the rep) and then in reverse with your chest actually facing the incline bench (emphasis on the top of the rep). This will work the anterior delt fully through its strength curve.


Now you're going to think...


“Do I now need to do 3-4 sets on each part of the curve?”

and then...

“How am I going to fit in everything else...?”


To start off just do 2 working sets on each part of the curve as the most benefit is achieved in the first few sets. Just use this principle once a week on your most lagging body part, or superset the exercise at each angle into one set...


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