SCI-MX OMNI MX® HARDCORE by James Alexander-Ellis WBFF Pro & Xenios Charalambous SCI-MX Athlete


     by James Alexander-Ellis WBFF Pro


Omni is a Latin prefix, meaning “All” or “Everything”.

SCI-MX’s legendary “OMNI MX®” protein shake was one of the first sensible mass gainer shakes I ever purchased, around 7 years ago - right around the time I started getting into serious shape and taking my training very seriously! Back then, supplement companies really only offered 3 sorts of protein shake: Whey Protein, Casein Protein and an “all in one” which in most cases, was loaded with sugar!

It’s a credit to SCI-MX that they were ahead of the game when OMNI MX® was first released. It was a solution to the needs of the trainee who didn’t want to cart around or mix up tubs of creatine, protein, BCAAs, zinc and magnesium etc, not to mention a carb source.

Since an incredibly successful re-branding last year, the creative experts at SCI-MX have split the range to focus around 3 goals and a majority of the product lines are now labelled Hardcore, Leancore or Rippedcore to suit the athlete that is either looking for shreds, maintenance of condition or hardcore muscle building. Or these days, we seem to want it all, NOW!

OMNI MX® HARDCORE has approximately a 2:1 Carb to Protein ratio. I believe this to be the optimal (and maximal) amount required for a post workout shake, so it’s nice to see that SCI-MX don’t produce anything too crazy in terms of high calorie/ high sugars in their range. The brand focuses on helping their customers achieve an aesthetic and realistic physique... Leaving the silly 2000 Kcal shakes to the other brands.

So, OMNI MX® delivers a fast AND slow digesting protein blend (GRS-9®) with the necessary carbs to create a useful insulin spike. It has a vast mix of relevant ingredients such as the aforementioned creatine, ZMA and BCAAs, but also Arginine, Taurine and Beta alanine - which are all legit pre-workout supplements for those using the shake pre-exercise as well as post.

As with pretty much ALL SCI-MX products, the taste is second to none - the bosses at this company wouldn’t dream of releasing a product that didn’t rate 5 stars for flavour and OMNI MX® HARDCORE is no different.

Finally, for those looking for a slightly reduced Kcal / sugars, there is the RIPPEDCORE and LEANCORE version, offering 1:2 and 1:1 ratios respectively, but keeping the theme of “all in one” with the long list of added extras.

Great value, technically sound and with a truly proven pedigree - I can happily recommend OMNI MX® HARDCORE to any trainee looking to build muscle fast! I’m pleased I discovered this product many years ago, and I still have it in my cupboards today.

by James Alexander-Ellis WBFF Pro



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     by Xenios Charalambous SCI-MX Athlete


I was always a skinny kid with an ectomorph body type. I struggled with building strong muscle mass despite trying many different supplements, until I tried OMNI MX® HARDCORE from SCI-MX.


After 1 year of consecutive use and hard work in the gym I gained 10kg and brought my physique to the next level. To bulk up, I use 3 scoops of OMNI MX® HARDCORE 1 hour before training and 3 scoops 20 minutes after training.

It’s an all-in-one supplement that can be used any time e.g. morning, pre-workout, post workout and even before bed - YES! Carbs before bed to grow!

Each serving contains 530 quality calories and 45g protein (hydrolysed, whey and casein) and thanks to these 3 types of protein; you can use it any time of the day. The great thing about this mass gainer is the Cross-Action™ carbohydrates, with each serving containing 75.2g and almost NO sugar at all, meaning you won’t gain as much fat. After 5 days of using this product you will be amazed how strong you become in the gym because of the Creatacore™ creatine, HMB, Beta alanine and Taurine - this is the best combination to maximise your strength. If you want to turn from “hard-gainer” to “easy-gainer” then you definitely must try this supplement.

I recommend taking 1 serving 30 minutes before training and one 20 minutes after training. On your rest days, take 1 serving in the morning and 1 serving in the afternoon.

by Xenios Charalambous SCI-MX Athlete



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