What is YOUR perception of YOUR diet?

It is important for me as a health professional to always advise trustworthy advice to all customers. I must also appreciate that each customer has different goals therefore there is no staple answer subject to what to recommend.

It’s key that I highlight that the supplements we sell are a ‘supplement’, their purpose is to supplement the diet, not vice versa.

Having considered this I must primarily try to get a general idea of the customer’s day to day dietary routine before advising on supplementation. More often than not the response I get is “my diet is great to be honest, I just need supplement advice”
But when we investigate further into their diet it's safe to say it isn’t so ‘great’.

For me it’s all about eating the correct macro nutrients at the correct times to correspond with your bodies demands. For example, a customer who is trying to trim body fat and thinks their diet is perfectly fine whilst eating a fruit salad just before bed, isn’t my idea of well balanced. Fruit is undeniably ‘healthy’ however should not really be consumed in high amounts before bed, due to its macro break down (in other words fast acting simple sugars).

Before bed your body has no real demand for carbohydrates as it is in a state of rest. Alternatively a high protein, moderate fat meal/ intake would be suffice at this time. By strategically improving your choice of intakes depending on your body’s demands will streamline your body’s macronutrient regulation which ultimately will result in minimising unwanted body fat retention.

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