Tom Knight - My Upcoming Fight

Today we catch up with Tom Knight who talks about his big upcoming fight which will be featured on Sky Sports - we can't wait to cheer him on!

My Upcoming Fight

My upcoming fight is going to be at the Hull ice Arena, and will be featured on Sky Sports 1 hosted by Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing. It's a massive fight for me not because of belts, money or accolades - but for exposure. The Professional boxing game is all about selling tickets and being on televised boxing events really helps with getting people to see you in action.

There have been 3 big boxing shows in Hull since our very own Luke Campbell captured a gold medal at the Olympic games making him the most successful British amateur fighter ever. I have yet to be featured on one of these shows as I wasn't deemed a good ticket seller. So the fact I've been able to prove my selling ability as well as being able to show my talent makes this fight the biggest of my career to date.

So What Have I Done differently?

The biggest move I have made is the best move I have ever made. After contracts with my first manager coming to a close I decided to look elsewhere as I wasn't happy with how my career was going.

I've always known of Dave Coldwell of Coldwell Boxing because I boxed in my 3rd fight on one of his shows, it was very professionally done and we were well treated. I decided to put my future in the hands of Dave Coldwell knowing he could get me the exposure and opportunities I need for me to reach the top!

Straight away Dave managed to land me a televised fight proving it to be a fantastic decision!

I've also taken time to experience different coaching styles in the form of Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis. I learned some valuable points in my short time with them in Manchester before re-igniting the flame with myself and my long tine coach and father Phil Knight. Although it's good to have plenty of different inputs it's even more important to have a strong trustworthy team that take care of you.

Me and my father have always just clicked as much as we clash, just like any father and son bond it's hard but it works! A lot of thanks goes to my father Phil and manager Dave for this up coming opportunity!

As far as nutrition is concerned I've never taken supplements very seriously as I saw them as a luxury accessory and not needed. Then I landed a sponsorship opportunity to become an ambassador for Monster Supplements! Were I began to play around with supplements such as creatine, BCAAs, protein powder, L-Glutamine etc. Not only did I feel a physical change but I felt a mental shift also. Where I felt awake and ready for anything! It also helps me feel fuller in-between each  meal so that I can stick to my diet plan perfectly.


So there it is guys if you want to know more about my career and lifestyle keep reading over the upcoming weeks and months here on the Monster Resource!


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