Sci MX Amino Intra Rippedcore Review!

Here at Monster we've been lucky enough to test the brand new Sci MX Amino Intra Rippedcore, a little before it was released we got sent a secret package containing the product for testing!

Now we can report back our results - what we got from the product and our Monster thoughts.

Sci MX Amino Intra Rippedcore Review


First of all, what is Sci MX Amino Intra Rippedcore?

As the name suggests, it's an intra workout supplement - which simply means that it's designed to be taken during a workout.

After looking at the ingredients this makes sense - it's got BCAAs which are now very commonly taken whilst working out, some fast acting carbs for energy, plus the benefits of a few other ingredients including - ALA, D-Aspartic Acid, Taurine, Glutamine, Whey protein (and a few more too!).













Intra workout muscle support
GF amino acids & protein to support lean muscle growth
Protein building amino acids
Hormone regulation support
Anti workout fatigue


Monster Thoughts


During Workout Performance

So...the main thing we wanted to know was "does it make a difference to performance" - after trying the Amino Intra Rippedcore for a few weeks (not just one workout) we thought that it certainly helped, especially when it came to longer workouts, or workouts which demand a lot of energy like HIIT or circuit training.

The point of an intra workout isn't to "feel" it working as such or to get a buzz (that's what a pre-workout is for), an intra workout is to supply the person training/exercising with ingredients to help keep them keep going to a higher level than when you don't have it - which is why having carbs like in the Amino Intra Rippedcore really helps.

Those of us who used the Amino Intra Rippedcore normally have good workouts, even so this helped keep energy levels higher for that little bit extra!

As it's got things like BCAAs & whey protein isolate in too - this helps to protect muscle mass and contribute to lean muscle! Although it's not marketed for it, we could see it being a good solution for those who don't eat before a workout - it would provide amino acids, some energy from the carbs and a serve as a refreshing drink too whilst working out.

Although mainly, we'd see it as being a product which would be most beneficial for those who exercise for around 1 and a half hours...or more!

Taste & Mixability

Taste - we had the Berry Fusion and it was nice, not overly strong or too weak...just about right, quite a smooth taste too to be honest. Sometimes flavours can be a bit too much and sickly, however we felt the Sci MX Amino Intra Rippedcore was about right (we used 2 scoops with 400ml of water).



The packaging, although not important in terms of results...still makes a difference, of course you want what you buy to look good! We liked the packaging as far as looks are concerned and the text is all very easy to read too, additionally the tub is decent quality and the lid screws on tight so you shouldn't get any issues with spilling the powder provided you're sensible.



In conclusion, we liked the Sci MX Amino Intra Rippedcore, certainly a good overall product to use for people who have high energy demands and are willing to spend that little bit extra to get that little bit more from their training.



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