Introductory Interview with Monster Supplements Ambassador – Tom Knight!

Name: Tom Knight
Height: 5,11
Age: 21
Occupation: Professional Boxer


1.       Hi Tom welcome to the team! Okay, just so people reading this can have an idea of who you are can you please let us know how long have you been training and why did you start?

I started training when I was just 8 years old. Boxing is a sport which you have to put in 100% from day one. My father was a fighter and my fathers father was a fighter – so it runs in the family. Before I started, I loved wrestling, the ring, the belts and how all the athletes where in tremendous shape. Then I found boxing and never looked back! I started taking my nutrition seriously when I turned senior as an amateur fighter. Being 17 years old fighting men was tough. So you have to be physically in the best shape possible, plus very mentally tough.


 2.       Nice you’ve been doing this  a fair while then. So what does a typical week of training look like?

Before a fight we have what we call a training camp. A week usually for every round your upcoming contest may be. 6 rounds – 6 weeks, 10 rounds – 10 weeks and so on. When in training camp I train 6 days a week 2 times a day.


There are 3 fazes to a boxing training camp:

- Strength faze

- Fitness faze

- Sparring faze


Between fights some boxers bloat up to a few weights above their fight weight, but not me, I prefer to stay in the gym alternating between boxing and general fitness. It’s a mental thing, when my opponents are resting I’m training and also I don’t have to ridiculously diet to make weight.


3.       We see that you’ve got a big fight coming up, are you doing anything different for that and what’s your mindset like when it comes to competitions?

Every fight is a big fight and I truly believe if you do not learn something new every day your wasting a day of your life. I’ve recently signed with  new Manager Dave Coldwell and also hired a new trainer who has fought at a very high level as a professional. I’ve studied harder in my nutrition to make sure I’m fueling my body to make sure I can always give 100% in the boxing gym.


I’m a family man with 2 children and a fiancé at 21 – so I’m doing it for them too :)


Supplements are pretty much a must in boxing as you burn thousands of calories every day, it’s such a high cardiovascular sport! But it comes at a cost, being a Monster Ambassador will enable me too get that extra something to keep me at my best and it is a pleasure to represent your company. After all supplements are made for performance and to feed your body for recovery.


 4.       When it comes to eating, in the “fitness” world, there’s a big focus on food! With boxing, is this the same? What does your diet look like and how important is that for what you do?

Of course, without the right diet in boxing you may as well stay in bed at 5am in the morning instead of training. Boxing is constant cardio! Running, Circuits, Sparring, Sprints, Plyometrics, Swimming and so on – so there is a higher caloric intake daily compared to most sports. Up until the last 3 weeks of a training camp you want to be around 1 kilo above your fight weight so that you are capable of 2 sessions daily.


High carbs for energy are always on the menu! So basically the same as in the fitness world but higher carbs I’d say.


5.       What are your plans for the future when it comes to boxing and training?

My plans for boxing are to inspire. Inspire my fans, my children and my family. In the near future I want to win a big domestic title within 2 years and one day lift a world title above my head and say ‘i did it.’  Boxing is a short career, one day when my reactions slow down and my body has had enough of taking the punches, I will move on to hopefully become a body builder. Or if I’m young enough a fitness model. See what happens with my boxing first as I may come out with a cauliflower face!



Nice, thanks Tom – let’s hope your face keeps then!

Great story, looking forward to seeing more from you and learning some tips and tricks that we can apply to the gym and training.


Hear more from Tom over the upcoming weeks where he’ll share his tips & tricks and his story whilst he trains to win BIG.

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