Emily McHugh - My Routine 3 Weeks Out

Hi guys,

Here is a sample of what my routine is like 3 weeks before my UKBFF show.

3 weeks Out From UKBFF

My training routine starts at 6:30am before my partner goes out to work and when my son is still in bed, I head to the gym for my weight training session.

Depending on what day it is or what muscle groups have recovered I’ll do some intense weight training on that particular area.

Today was Biceps and triceps, one of my favourite training sessions and I love my arms to feel tight and pumped up afterwards.

I always warm up for 5 mins on a cross trainer and stretch out properly, I’ve found out recently it’s just not worth the risk of injury by training cold muscles.

To start I'll drop set biceps curls and hammer curls. Starting with 10kg to 6kg to 4kg. Each drop hits different muscle fibres, it’s important to reach everyone to build a more defined muscle. I’ll do 3 sets not counting the reps but hitting failure on each weight.


Without rest sitting on a bench I’ll go straight into dumbbell triceps extensions with a 10kg dumbbell until failure, using the bench I'll then do dips and repeat this for (3 sets).

On the cable machine I'll super set using the rope to do over head triceps extensions (10 reps) and then the v-bar to do some standing triceps extensions (10 reps).. then onto the dipping bar to failure (3 sets).

Using the EZ bar I’ll do focus work on my biceps. Bottom end movement partials, full reps and top end movement partials to really work the whole muscle.

I’ll always finish with an abs set, I try to do one day with weights then the next my own body weight.

Example Ab Exercises

- Ankle taps to failure
- Crunches to failure
- Bicycle crunches to failure (3 sets)


I have been doing CV training on the evenings 1hour at a constant speed one night then 20mins of HIIT (high intensity interval training) the next night. I alternate every night of the week.

I get pretty board doing cardio, so I'll either go for a 5k run out doors then go on the bike for 20 minutes.


(HIIT) is more fun for me.. I’ll run full speed on the treadmill for 40 seconds then jump on the sides to a standstill for 20 seconds then back on for 40seconds until 10 minutes has past.

On the spin bike I'll pedal on high resistance for 40 seconds then low resistance for 20 seconds. I do this for 10 minutes also.

These two methods really target fat loss but don’t burn into muscle.


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