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This weeks blog is from sunny Dubai, and about how I've approached the balance of relaxing on holiday as well as maintaining my gym and nutrition routine.

Every time I go on holiday I pack the good old trainers in the anticipation of being "good" on holiday. I usually fail miserably, eat what I want all week and sit in the sun with no exercise, come home after losing muscle and gaining fat and then start the post holiday diet when I get home!

This holiday has been totally different, I think now I have a goal and time frame to achieve my goals it's made me so much more focused. I'm actually really proud of myself and my motivation.

However I think it's still vital to maintain a normal lifestyle and relax as well as stay focused and motivated.

Holidays for me are about recuperating and de-stressing, this year I've had a great balance.


A Few Things About My Holiday

It's much harder to stick to the nutrition side due to eating out and not being able to weigh and count all my macros. Along with the fact I want to relax a little and eat at the amazing restaurants in the hotel along with the odd cocktail.

The gym in the hotel is amazing! I've been a member of many gyms and must say this is one of the best I've been to.

I tried To change my CV up a bit and run outside on the beach front the first morning, however I found after 5 minutes the humidity and heat was far too much.

The hotels CV section had a great view over the sea and was actually a pleasure to do cardio with the view every morning.

My gym routine has pretty much stayed the same, rather than splitting weights and cardio Ive done it all in a morning, up at 7.30am and straight to the gym for my usual muscle groups split and 45 min steady CV.

There is even a guy who comes around with ice cold lemon towels during your workout, heaven!!

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Now I'll talk a little bit about my nutrition on holiday

Just so you know, I was half board, breakfast was included and the evening meal (at a choice of 6 restaurants!)



The food was amazing and there so much choice too.

Generally after a weights session I tend to have most of my carbs, so breakfast was pretty similar every morning.

There was a chef doing any eggs you wanted and after 3-4 days he knew my order before I even asked!

Brown toast, grilled tomato, poached eggs, scrambled egg, fruit, black coffee and the hotels morning detox shot - wheat grass and pineapple!

It was lush and I've already ordered mine for when I'm home!


image (5)

Day Time

This was the hardest bit for me as there are no cooking facilities and to add to that the beach bar menu was hardly made for the healthy holiday maker.

The first few days I was taking fruit from breakfast and ordering chicken salad with no dressing. I would love to say I kept this up every day but there has been 2-3 occasions I've had a club sandwich or even.... chips!

When I'm eating foods now like chips or sandwiches I don't enjoy them nowhere near as much as before, now I count my macros and have much more understanding of foods.

Overall I would say 80% of the time I was strict & kept to my plan.

I would always have my daily PhD whey protein shake, was lovely made with loads of ice by the pool, like a cool milkshake - filling me up late afternoon before dinner!

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I think I did pretty well on an evening, the restaurant food was very well prepared and not the typical fatty buffet restaurant most hotels have.

You could order how you wanted your meat cooking and be much more specific on a night.

My main evening meals have consisted of mainly a light starter, chicken, salmon or steak with roasted veg and rice/potato.

The portions have been generally small, you know the a la carte plate with a zig zag line of some compote and the small pieces of food placed around the plate, but was enough to fill me( and tasted amazing).

My cocktail of choice is either a classic mojito or am espresso martini and would say 5-6 nights we have had an after dinner drink.

I'm not much of a drinker to be honest, but I am partial to the odd cocktail and didn't want to cut it out all together on this holiday.

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If I was 3 months pre-comp, I would have been much stricter and as next months pass the extra treats and my decisions will have to change as the fitness competition draws closer.


Next week I'm going to talk about some great PhD products I use and why :)



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