Amy Hills – Home Workouts!

Sometimes it’s hard to get to the gym and without equipment at home it can seem impossible to work out!

There’s no need to move the sofa for a DVD work out, there’s so many ways to get active - even in a small space at home.

(Having some dumbbells and a kettlebell can be a great initial investment if the cost of a monthly gym membership is a problem).


However here are a few ideas, even if you don't have any equipment or accessories at all!

Home Cardio

The stairs can be the answer to all your CV problems, no need to go out the house on a windy wet night.


Stair Sprints

Run as fast as you can up the stairs and normal Pace back down – do this 10x to warm up.

Double steps – Doing 2 steps at a time, really making sure you push from the lead leg.

Place the lead foot on, slightly squat down and really push up from that front leg, this will really stretch out the glutes and give you a good ham/glute workout too.

Bottom 2 steps – on the very bottom step do fast step ups. 10 on each leg fast, followed by 10 on each leg but more controlled on the 2nd step! Do this 5x through and you will feel a good burn as well as raise the heart rate.

Garden – If you have a good size garden you can use this as your CV area, simple sprints from one end to the other or even jogging around. Or a combination of both for a good interval session.


Chest & Triceps



Use a chair or something with a similar height.

Always make sure the elbows are tucked in tight to the body and keep your back straight and bum close to chair, 2sec down and 2 sec up slow and controlled really feeling the triceps stretch and work.


Press Ups

There are many different type of press ups - I usually do some close arm press ups for triceps and then normal to work the chest/shoulders too. Again keeping back straight and head up.



There are so many different ab exercises you can do, even in a small space.

I like to do a combination - working the upper & lower abs, obliques & core.

image (1)

Regular Crunches

Really stretch out and then when crunching in hold for a second and really squeeze the core.

Side Crunches

I feel really get me aching. Pull knees over and keep back and head straight in middle, pull up and squeeze again for a second and hold.
I do 4 sets of 15 on each side.

image (3)


Normal plank for 45 seconds keeping back straight


Side Plank

I then go into side plank and with slow control twist and push arm through, make sure backs straight.
I aim for 8 then back to normal plank again before repeating the other side, 3x through.



For legs and glutes I usually do a combination of lunges and squats at the gym along with donkey kicks and leg raises if I'm doing something at home.

image (5)

Side Raises

I like to do 20 straight up and down followed by 20 bringing knee right into chest and then kicking back out and up, after the 40 I can really feel a burn I then hold leg out and up and do 20 small circles forward and then back.

The burn on these is a killer!

image (4)

Donkey kicks

Lean against a wall and bring knee right into chest, push and kick out and really squeeze the glutes, 20x each side for 4 sets.

There's a huge variety on what you can do at home, depending on time and space and what your goals are, but I think even half hour in a small space can make all the difference if getting to a gym is too hard or costly.


My next blog will be from sunny Dubai where I’ll talk about how easy or hard it is to keep up the routine whilst on holiday!


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