A Catch Up With Miss Leicester - Victoria-Jane Thornewell

A Quick Introduction


My name is Victoria-Jane Thornewell and I’m 20 years old from Leicester, I am 5”5 and currently weigh 59.6kg.I am a full-time marketing assistant and fitness freak but also a part –time model, hospitality hostess and a recently crowned Miss Leicester! If I’m not working, you can guarantee I’ll be at the gym.

My aim is to compete nationally in bikini fitness, taking part in both UKBFF and NABBA shows within the next year.

That's me on the right =) ----------------->


Plans For The Future!

I will be competing as Miss Leicester 2014/15 in the Miss Great Britain final in November. My plan from day one was to introduce the people behind beauty pageants to the fitness industry and break the barrier between the two. Although some may not agree, I think fitness is an incredible thing so the fact I have very different interests to other contestants doesn’t phase me.

What training are you doing?

At the moment I am on a growing programme, so I am training for 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week. Currently I’m doing full body heavy weight workouts to maximise my muscle growth which goes hand in hand with my current diet. My workout programme will be changing 8 weeks prior to the Miss GB final so I can cut my body fat ready for the bikini round.

What is your current diet like?
I’m currently eating 6 meals a day and consuming around 1600 calories per day to support my growth.

For me this is quite hard but it’s getting a lot easier; the more results I’m seeing the easier it gets!

I’ve managed to find ways of making the food more interesting by adding spices too, so I quite enjoy the food I eat.

As with my training, my diet will also change 8 weeks prior to the final.

Where would you like to be in the next 2 years?

Making headlines! I’m quite a determined person so for me, not completing what I’ve set out to achieve isn’t really an option. I received negative feedback when I took myself down the fitness and weight lifting route, so I’d like to educate people from this side of the industry.

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