Ladies, lift weights!

“I don’t want to lift heavy weights because I'll get bulky"

"I don’t want to get too muscular, I want to look slim"

"I've been told to avoid weights, so I'll just to cardio"

Sound familiar? If you've been to the gym a fair while, you've spoken to some girls that workout or glanced at a women's magazine - chances are that you have! For some reason, the media in general loves to push cardio for the "go to" exercise for women, yet it's only one piece of the puzzle. But surely cardio has some benefits, right? - yes of course!


A few things that cardio can do:

- Assist with burning calories to help maintain body weight or lose body fat

- Be a great starting exercise, especially in a gym environment where the weight section can be a bit daunting

- Improve your overall health & wellbeing


But what can't cardio do?

- Give "curves" like weights can

- Give more "shape" to the body (especially the upper body)

- Make you stronger


Now although these are only a few examples, it get's the point across - cardio has benefits but it has limits too, especially when it comes to "shaping" the body.

All you have to do to see examples of this now is to go online and search the training routines of some female fitness models who have great bodies - all of them have a weight training program! As the saying goes - success leaves clues.


"Success Leaves Clues"


If these pictures of girls who lift weights (who aren't bulky) haven't convinced you...let's dig a little deeper.


Here are a few words from female trainer - Maija Kivela.


"Girls should not to be afraid to go to the free weights area of a gym, and train like men do. Training with weight does not mean you will look like a man. Weight training is an effective way to get the results fast, and, to get into incredibly good shape! You must remember women do not have the hormonal balance, like men do, to develop lots of muscle.

Sometimes I see people spending hours at the gym on the cross trainer - probably thinking the longer the better.

Surely, you would rather train hard for a shorter period of time, get more from your workout, AND be able to go home sooner!?

So my advice is, keep it short and give it all the energy you have!  Always choose a challenging weight that you really need to work hard to lift. Lifting with a high intensity burns an extremely high amount of calories. It also promotes the usage of additional calories AFTER your workout. So push hard for 45 minutes and relax on a sofa and still burn your fat effectively. Sounds amazing right?

I just want to encourage all the girls to train harder and lift weights. That is the way for you to get that beautiful lean BEACH BODY.  You will also benefit from better overall health and, greater self esteem.

It is never too late to start. Everyone can do weight training, different styles of training suits different people, but there is certainly a weight training plan for everyone. No longer will you have to sit around and wait for a treadmill or cross-trainer, instead, you can just get some dumbbells and start working out!"



...and there you have it! So if you're looking to improve your over shape, fat loss, strength and body composition - make weight training part of your routine for results!




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