Being Consistent - The Benefits of a Home Gym

Getting to the gym several times a week can be tough for people who genuinely want to get into shape. Everyday life sometimes prevents them from having the time and the gym can become more and more of a distant pastime.

However does that mean you can’t train at all? Well, many fitness enthusiasts train at home with a basic set of equipment, this allows them to get it done!

Having it at home means that there’s “no excuses”, no travel time, no way to not be able to do something – even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Some reasons people tell us why they can’t go to the gym:

  • The car has broken down
  • Your partner is unwell
  • Have revision to do
  • Can’t afford the regular traveling
  • Can’t afford the gym membership

Investing as little as a couple of hundred pounds is all that is required, and this will last you forever.

All you need is a basic set up, consisting of a bench, barbell, dumbbells, and weight plates. .…you can even just start out with some dumbbells if you like and get more as you progress.

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Although this is more basic than a commercial gym, you will still be able to do everything you need to do in order to make significant gains. In fact, there are many elite bodybuilders and athletes alike who train in this more ‘old school’ way as opposed to using the new machines commonly found in gyms today.

This home set up will allow you to perform various exercises on every muscle group, which includes the three key compound movements:

  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Squat

One of the key advantages to such a set up is that you will constantly be using free weights and by doing so you are going to be working your stabilizing muscles too (which are worked a lot less when using machines).

Not only that but an arrangement like this will shed many hours of travelling a week from your schedule as well as money for fuel and a gym membership, which means your initial investment on equipment, will quickly be recovered – making the Home Gym an ideal solution for somebody who simply can’t find enough time in the day to make the journey to their local gym.

It is vital if you choose to do this that you do set a time, and create an environment where you can train and not be distracted, music to get you in the zone and so on.

When you are training, forget you are at home, pretend you are still in the gym so you don’t get distracted and don’t keep taking short breaks during your workouts.

Ultimately if you want to make progress when it comes to your physique, you’re going to have to work out. The best training method is the one you’ll stick to, so – if you can’t/won’t go to the gym, a home gym can be an ideal alternative!


“The best training method is the one you’ll stick to”


There is absolutely NO reason why you cannot make great gains training this way.

If you find the weights you have are not heavy enough after so long…just get more weights or you can use higher repetition workouts, super sets, drop sets and and much more!

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