Amy Hills - My New Routine!

In this weeks article with Amy Hills, she goes over what she's done in the past and how she's now changing it up in preparation for her first fitness competition!

What Was My Old Training Routine?

My old training plan was almost all weights and resistance training with a bit of cardio for a warm up - the thought of going to the gym to get on a treadmill for an hour was my idea of hell!

When I started training I noticed that I lost a good amount of body fat just from doing a 10 minute gentle warm up, followed by 45 minutes to an hour of weight training.

(I would always go late in the day, never in a morning and about 4x a week).

What's My New Training Routine?

There's a lot more Cardio vascular (CV) training involved now, including 5 early mornings a week.

I'm still doing very similar weights and resistance training, splitting each session into 2 muscle groups, however slightly heavier and more controlled. There seems to be a lot more cable exercises now (from the plan my trainer has given me) and and really putting focus into the muscle I'm working. There's more shoulders and glutes than any other muscle group at this point. As my body changes, my training will change and adapt to suit what I need.

I will be doing some example videos and photos of my new weights routine to help target certain areas over the next few weeks too, so watch out for those!

Types of CV Sessions

I was under the impression that CV meant going running on the treadmill for an hour (no fun).

My trainer has worked really hard to mix it up for me, showing me different routines and different ways of raising my heart rate.

I've started this week with plyometric training and jeezzz it's shown me how unfit I am. We've all got to start somewhere and I think from this whole new life style change, the CV is the hardest for me.

Some CV Sessions :

  • Treadmill walking lunges
  • 5 min fast walk warm up
  • level 1.8 with zero incline 1 min lunges with a 30 second walk between
  • increase incline to 3 and repeat
  • increase incline to 6 and repeat
  • increase incline to 9 and repeat
  • increase incline to 12 and repeat
  • increase incline to 15 and repeat
  • decrease back to 9 and repeat
  • decrease then to 6, 3, zero

As well as raising the heart rate and improving cardio, this also targets glutes and quads making it a great all round exercise.

Stair Climber 

  • Level 5 10 min single step warm up
  • 15 min double steps with a Donkey kick back and squeeze the glute
  • 10 min single step level 8
  • 5 min level 3 step cool down




  • 10 min full steps warm up (level 6)
  • Increase to level 12
  • 10 min short quick steps
  • 10 min full steps
  • 5 min on tiptoes quick steps
  • 10 min full step cool down level 8




How have I found the new training plan?

I'm not going to lie and say the new changes have been easy and that I've stuck to it 100% because it's been very hard.

The hardest bit for me is to get up at 6AM to go to the gym for a run & then knowing there's a full day of work after has not been too appealing for me.....However the feeling afterwards and the energy you have for the day is amazing, so I'd recommend trying it out to anybody that wants to take their training to the next level.

It's all about getting into a routine and being disciplined I feel.

I think the fact I have a few diff CV routines to choose from has helped me keep motivated and not feel so repetitive, so if anyone feels that they're getting bored - try what I do or something similar to mix it up! Keep things interesting and you'll keep at it, there's always a way :)

Check back next time when Amy will be covering squats, different types and technique.

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