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In this weeks article with Amy Hills, she gives an insight in to a typical glutes training session.

My Typical Glutes Session

One of the biggest problem areas I've always had is my lower half. I've always been very bottom heavy with wide hips and big bum.

My trainer Rich Wilds and I, have really concentrated on this area the past few months and can see a change already.

Weighted Steps

Usually as a warm up I'll use a step on the high setting and do some simple step ups.

With no weights I do 10 fast on each leg, to raise heart rate and warm up the glutes.

I then do slow and controlled weighted step ups with 12-15kg dumbells, and repeat this cycle for 3-4 sets

Weighted Bridge

Using a bar with 20-30kg , I do 4 sets of 20, first 10 with feet hip width apart and 10 with feet close together. I pause and really contract the glutes at the top for 1-2 seconds and try to keep the contraction all the way up and down, concentration on working the glutes the whole way through.

It usually starts to burn after about 4-5 reps.



There's so many types of squats and  I usually change it up each session. I like to do weighted smith machine squats most lower body sessions.

I tend to warm up with just the bar or 10kg for a deep steady 16 reps, and then build it up to a heavier 30kg for 10-12 slow controlled reps. I like to do a good 5 sets on the squat rack and hopefully keep building the weight up once I build the glutes up further.

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Hyper Extension

I like to use the 45 degree hyper extension as it really targets the glutes and lower back and can feel the burn quite quickly on this one.

I start with 20 non weighted full and slow for my first set, and then build up the weight with a kettle bell or disc.

I really make sure I extend fully over to stretch out and touch the floor, and slowly squeeze back up keeping the glutes contracted the whole time and really squeezing together at the top for 1-2 seconds.

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Then after any glute session I end with a 10 min burn out of different free standing squats, including close leg, wide leg, fast, slow and pulsing at the bottom.

Following this will ensure a good ache the next few days.

Next week I'm going to give some easy home exercises if getting to the gym is sometimes too difficult

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