Amy Hills - Changing My Nutrition!

This week we catch up with Amy Hills.

Amy has made a simply awesome transformation (Click Here to see her transformation article) and now we delve a little deeper into what she's started doing in preparation for her first fitness competition!

Please see the below article where Amy goes over how her diet has changed recently, in addition to some other aspects of her new lifestyle for the upcoming months....



How my diet and nutrition has changed?

The biggest change to my diet is the prepping and planning ahead.-

I work away 3 days a week, leaving home early hours on a Tuesday morning - so I need to prepare, weigh, cook and pack everything in advance.





I am now eating every 3 hours pretty much on the dot. This has been quite hard to remember more than anything else. However it's almost like your body block quickly adapts and is ready for the next meal like an alarm clock!-

One thing I've found is how full and satisfied I am. I am eating more now that I was before and never feel hungry. I actually now look forward to the next meal, and don't have the stress of nipping to the shop at lunch and choosing a not so unhealthy lunch. Everything's planned and ready to go...and much easier.

My meals consist of specific foods and times to suit my day and training. Everything is weighed - I wasn't aware how strict this part would be.

Most meals are protein based and lots of greens.


Most of my nutrition consists of:

- Chicken
- Turkey
- White fish
- Salmon
- Oats
- Eggs
- Rice
- Steak
- Phd Diet Whey
- Fruit and vegetables
- PhD Recovery 2:1


Diet Whey


The new part to me has been experimenting with certain foods and how to cook different meats/fish.

One of my favourite things is my home made turkey burgers, lean turkey mince mixed with onions and chillies make a great tasty high protein/low fat meal!

I'm also taking multivitamins, vitamin C and glucosamine. I plan these ahead to help me remember them each day.



How I Have Found the Changes?

I think the changes have been more of a mental challenge than physical. The foods taste great and I'm not hungry compared to the million fad diets I've tried before where you limit your food intake and crave all day.

I've lost 6lb in 2 weeks as well as gained muscle and can already see my body changing.

I suffer with IBS and I'm often in pain with a bloated stomach and cramps. I started to just accept this and live with the fact I spent most afternoons bloated and tired after lunch.

However now I feel I have far more energy, feel more awake and have had no stomach pains, plus I've not been bloated once.




What future changes will need to be made?

As my body changes over the next 6-8 weeks - my diet will be adapted to suit me whilst my trainer is keeping a close eye on how my body reacts.

We've already changed some timings of certain meals (I didn't particularly like white fish at 10.30 am) - it's all about finding what works well for each person when it comes to a plan.

My favourite part of my diet plan so far is the turkey burger as a I said and the PhD Diet Whey in chocolate orange shake I have during the day, it's filling, tastes great and has some really good ingredients that help me progress.

I'd say my least favourite part is eating white fish as I'm still learning how to cook and season it properly so that it's not dry/bland.



My Progress

I've taken pics of me from day 1 of this journey (below), I will be updating these every 4 weeks to show the progression :)



I have along way to go to be competition standard, but I'm excited and focused!






Thanks for sharing Amy, it looks like you've got most of the main aspects of a good plan well underway.

Check back next week for more insights from Amy whilst she embarks on her journey to her first fitness show!

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