Ambassador Amy Hills - Her Transformation!

In Amy's latest article she goes over her journey in detail, how her story can apply to you and what you can take away!


Why I Started

I started training and looking at my diet 2 years ago. I had been single for a while and started "letting myself go" as they say.

I didn't realise that I was gaining weight to the extent I was to be honest. My jeans were getting tighter and I was squeezing into my clothes,  I just tried to ignore it and wear looser clothes.

Living alone, it was easier to have a quick pizza or takeaway than to cook a fresh meal, I also had the odd glass of wine with dinner and...overall I had no motivation for the gym.

Amy Before Amy's Transformation

I tried to avoid the scales, as I didn't want to see what I knew I could feel hanging over my jeans.

I then went on a date and started seeing a guy who was very interested in Training and looking after his body.

From that moment, I regretted every donut I had consumed.

There was 1 comment he said that changed everything.... "Don't wear leggings you don't have the body for them".

That's all it took for me to actually realise that my weight had really increased! I finally got on the scales and the result was a 30lb gain! I had previously been 134lb and now was 164lb!

Different weights suit different people and body shapes, however for my height of 5ft 4 and a very curvy shape I felt it was time to make some changes!


How did I make the changes?

The first thing I did was simply cut out all the foods I knew were high in fats and calories.

I cut out sugar in hot drinks, cookies, snacks, bread and general picking at chocolate. I didn't change all my meals to healthy options, just reduced the snacking and indulging.

I started to weight train 3-4 times a week. I didn't like CV and felt I would go to gym more often if I didn't need to just go on the treadmill for an hour!

Within a month my weight had dropped by 11lb and I felt amazing. Once I started seeing results it become addictive and exciting too!

Things progressed to having a personal trainer once a week, this really helped encourage and push me, it also taught me what to do when I went to work out alone.

Over the following year I dropped to 140lb by reducing my body fat and increasing my muscle.

Picture2 After Significant Weight Loss



Where I’m Going

I've been training a lot over the past 2 years and now feel I want to take it to the next stage.

I want to see what changes I can make with my body, by changing my training and diet to prep for a competition.

My body fat will need to decrease to approx 10-15%, which means changes in my diet, training and lifestyle.

I will need to increase CV as well as intense weights sessions. My diet will completely change as well as my eating habits and lifestyle.

I'm planning on hard work and dedication to compete in April, May and June.


What am I Planning Next?

Well, I'm a week in now and just getting into the swing of my new diet plan, my training has increased and I'm feeling great.

It's a mental challenge as well as a physical one, I know the next few months will be hard work and a test on my mind and body!

Next Friday my blog will discuss changes to my diet and nutrition, along with current stats and photos!

Looking forward to sharing this journey.....


Great...thanks Amy! Check out more from Amy next week.

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