Introductory Interview with Monster Supplements Ambassador - Amy Hills

Welcome to the Monster Supplements Resource, here we have an in Introductory Interview with Amy Hills who has just come on board as a Monster Supplements ambassador.

Check out her story below and check back over the upcoming weeks and months to find out more about Amy, tips to help you get more from your fitness efforts and her journey.

Name: Amy Hills

Height: 163cm

Age: 28

Occupation: Dental Therapist



1.       Hi Amy welcome to the team! Okay, just so people reading this can have an idea of who you are can you please let us know how long have you been training and why did you start?

-Well I joined the military at 17 - fitness and training was compulsory, this is where training began for me.

I have gone through stages on and off over the past 10 years with training and diet, as a result my weight has fluctuated a lot.

I would say I've been training properly and taking it seriously for the past 2 years now.



 2.       We see that you’re a Dental Therapist which can be very demanding, so can you tell us a bit about how you fit the eating and training around your work?

We know this can be a challenge sometimes so any tips would be great.

Well I try to eat every 3 hours, however being fully booked with patients at work means it can be quite hard to fit meals in – so I do my best.

Something which really helps me is preparing my meals the night before so that I don't get tempted and snack or pick throughout the day, I’d recommend that to anyone who’s wanting to make changes to their lifestyle, it has helped so much.

lso, I have a PhD Diet Whey shake mid-morning, it’s a really convenient high protein shake and having something that’s sweet & tastes good is ideal, especially if I don't have much time in the day at work to eat a big meal.


3.       We’ve seen your transformation picture and we’re really impressed!

 What’s been the best thing for you when you look back? For anyone wanting to do something similar, is there anything that you would recommend?

I think the diet and nutrition has been the hardest for me as I tend to have periods of binge eating, my tip would be always prepare and plan ahead.

You can still eat well and be full/satisfied, too many people go on diets that make them hungry and crave, eating low fat high protein smaller portions 5x a day has really helped me and changed my whole body shape and increase my energy levels.


 4.       We heard that you may be planning on competing in the future, tell us more!

-Yes I'm planning on competing in the bikini category for WBFF and UKBFF early 2015.

I've got to the point now where training is a big part of my life and feel I'm ready to take myself to the next level and compete, I know this is a challenge and I'm looking forward to the process and seeing what I can achieve.

My training and CV will now need to be more intense and my training boundaries need to be pushed a lot further.

I've lost 3 stone the past 2 years and that's been hard and a huge lifestyle change, but competing and prepping to be on stage I know will be on a whole new level, I can't wait to see the changes and my progression.



5.       Yeah, that’s a big difference, well done and we look forward to seeing your progress in the upcoming months too.

 When it comes to your training, we know there are a lot of training routines out there, what’s your favourite way to train & what have you found works for you so far?

I think having a regular training plan is key, I split my muscle groups and concentrate each session on a particular area.

Having a training partner also helps to encourage you, I've got an amazing trainer that pushes me and plans sessions ahead which helps me keep on track.

Encouragement from others always helps too. I'm currently studying for my PT level 3 diploma and level 3 nutrition consultant diploma because I’ve become really interested in how fitness and diet can mould someone's body shape.



6.   Great, we’re sure you’ll be an awesome PT and your transformation can inspire many others too, which will be useful during the tough times.

 Before we wrap up, what can the reader expect to hear from you over the upcoming weeks and months here on the Monster Supplements resource?

I’ll be sharing my journey and experience - from struggling with weight to becoming a bikini competitor!

Firstly, I'm going to talk about how I lost the first 3 stone over the past 2 years…

I’ll be doing all my current measurements, weight and photos, whilst showing updates every 2 weeks so that people can see the progression and changes over time.

It's not going to be about how easy it is and what you must do. I think it's important to talk about the times when people slip back into bad habits, about days I struggle and holidays I go on and to share things I learn over the next 6 months.




That’s great! We can’t wait to see more Amy, you’ve already made some amazing progress and we can’t wait to see even more.

 To find out more about Amy’s inspiring journey, make sure to check back here on the Monster Supplements resource each week where you’ll find all kinds of tips & tricks, progress photos and more that can help you reach your goals.




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