Monster Interviews Victoria Jane Thornewell talk to Miss Leicester 2014 competitor Victoria-Jane Thornewell as she hits the gym, trains hard and tones up for the 2014 pageant. Vikki aims to show that bodybuilding women can compete in any arena, from beauty to competitive sports and weight lifting.

1)      How long does it take to prepare yourself for the Miss Leicester competition?

I entered Miss Leicester on a one off chance after seeing it on my Facebook timeline when it was posted as a “last chance, enter now” – I have done beauty pageants before which lead to my huge interest in the modelling industry in which I worked for roughly a year, but after taking a step back to concentrate on my fitness competing mission, I lost touch. With my new found body confidence due to my gym and diet dedication, I decided to enter this year and show the pageant industry that muscle building in women isn’t unattractive!

2)      Do you take any sports nutrition supplements?

I take every day vitamins, fat burners, pre-workout and I use protein powder and fat metabolisers daily. I also use meal replacement shakes on the odd occasion.

3)      What’s your favourite sport?

Lifting! I’m a massive fan of lifting heavy when I can – Deadlifting is my favourite.

Previously, I did Muay Thai boxing for over 2 years which was great – I love watching this & often go to see fights live.

4)      What’s your favourite and least favourite exercise?

My favourite is innergrip pull ups – I love the sense of achievement when I’ve completed a full set.

My least favourite is incline sprints but needs must!

5)      How often do you attend the gym?

I go to the gym 6 times a week – I’d love to go 7 days a week if I could but people tell me off!

6)      Where do you see yourself in the fitness world in 3 years’ time?

I’m due to start competing early next year, so in the next 3 years the possibilities are endless for me. I am determined to take my competing in bikini fitness overseas and fly the flag for GB while picking up some great experience and of course some trophies. With this in mind, I’m hoping to secure myself a fulltime sponsorship with someone who can join me on my journey and support me to the top.

If all goes well in Miss Leicester and I go through to Miss GB, I will showcase what fitness and wellbeing can do for you (I think there’s a bikini round which would be perfect!) – I want to inspire people.

I don’t think the beauty pageant world knows enough about girls that lift … yet!

7)      Do you shop at

I currently use a number of products supplied by you, such as:

PHD CLA, Kinetica Thermo Whey, Maximuscle Thermobol, ON Platinum PRE and My Protein MAX Elle True Diet.

My next purchase will be Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts I reckon!


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