DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What Does DOMS Stand For?
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What Are The Causes of DOMS?
Once upon a time it was thought that muscle soreness after a workout was caused by lactic acid build up in your muscles or when trying a new routine on an untested set of muscles. However, new research leads some to believe that DOMS is actually related to microscopic tears in muscle tissue, caused by lifting a heavier weight than the muscle is used to.

Training while suffering from the DOMS effect increases the soreness and mild pain/aching, although training with a light to moderate intensity helps to push blood and nutrients in to the affected muscle area, reducing soreness slightly. This is because the muscle can rebuild its fibers faster when nutrients such as protein and minerals are passed through the blood vessels. Remember that drinking water helps to flush out waste products that result from training and replenishment of lost fluid during a workout is key to helping protect your muscles both during and after a workout. After all, almost 75% of muscle fiber contains water, so water intake is vitally important.

Microscopic tears in muscles after a routine are beneficial as your body over compensates for minor muscle damage by repairing and rebuilding fiber in preparation for another workout. Strong muscles are the result of mild soreness, so don't be to concerned if you ache a little the day or two after something like leg day!

If you alter your gym routine, adding new exercises here and there or changing the reps and weight, you'll probably notice some soreness in muscles that are under developed or not used to those alterations.

Minimising DOMS
One way to minimise the pain and inflammation after a workout is to take supplements such as Maximuscle Recover Max (750g)

Recovermax is a unique post-exercise recovery drink that's been formulated using the latest sports science to trigger rapid energy refuelling, aid muscle repair and support immune health after every training session, game, event or intense physical challenge. Recovermax's fast-acting blend takes advantage of post-exercise physiology to kick-start your recovery and get you back in peak condition faster.

By reducing muscle inflammation, you can speed up the healing process, which causes your body to increase muscle faster, allowing you to resume training more quickly.

Rest Periods
Another thing to consider is rest periods for muscle groups. You really don't want to over work your muscles, you need to allow time for muscle tissue re-growth. Try leaving 2 - 3 days between certain routines such as leg day, allowing your leg muscles a chance to repair the damage of hitting heavy weights for 10-15 minutes. You'll notice better results over a longer period of time than trying to cram a full body workout in to each gym session daily.

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