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Monster Supplements Fitness Guru Luke Thornton Interviews Three Times Mr Olympia Phil Heath

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Luke Thornton: Hi guys it's Luke here, I'm at the back of the Monster Supplements store in Hull. Now today we are lucky enough to have Mr Olypmia himself Phil Heath, how's it going Phil?

Phil Heath: It's great thank you

Luke Thornton: Awesome, it's been a really great day today, you're really popular, hows it been with the fans, you know showing them..

Phil Heath: I've been coming to the UK for the past 8 years and I must say, everytime I come here im greeted by some very, very genuine fans and the guys over at Monster Supplements have been great enough to have team MuscleTech here, inviting me to come down and all these great fans of bodybuiling and they all wish me good luck with the 50th annual Mr Olympia contest, I was able to come down and shake hands and sign autographs and really go over their training programmes and their motivation and what motivates me as well.

Luke Thornton: Sure thing, well thanks for that. Got a few questions for you, under pressure as Phil's a busy guy. A question from Luke Howard here, in terms of you being very dedicated and motivated, that's what it takes to be Mr Olympia right? So what is it that drives you and motivates you to be at that level?

Phil Heath: Actually to be a champion your goal is to be a little bit better each day, making sure that every day is an opportunity to be at your best. If it was easy everyone would be a champion, so you've got to decide if you're that person that's going to be a champion. My fans are just amazing, all over the world I've been greeted by people with smiles on their faces by what I do at the gym and what I do on stage, and how can I not be excited when i'm getting ready for a contest and how can I not be pumped even when I'm tired. This dream that i'm living right now, it's reality for me, to train as the Mr Olympia champion, but its an honour and a privilege to meet people who look at you as their idol , they actually lose weight and gain muscle because of you. I can only tell them thank you for letting me be that person for them. If i can continue to be their support system through hardships through good and bad. I value you guys as well, getting ready for this contest, I'm not alone, a lot of people train hard for shows and I'm going up against the best bodybuilders on earth and it is because of your support, not just for me but for the entire sport that makes me want to continue to do it.

Luke Thornton: Sure, I think you've touched on something that I've heard people say who weren't in to the sport before but you've inspired them to get through tough times as well and I think that's a great responsibility to have. In terms of the Generation Iron movie, you did very well in that and i'ts done a lot for bodybuilding as well, I don't know if you're aware of that but is there anything else you want to do in the future, maybe cinema?

Phil Heath: It was great, I think if I were to do a similar project like Generation Iron I think I'd like it to have a back story, like who Phil Heath really is. In the movie they didn't get to see the whole lot, it was more of a docu-drama. I didn't own a green Lamborghini and I didn't train after pre-judging so there were quite a few little parts of that movie that weren't completely accurate but that I thought were very entertaining. All the guys in it did a great job and I feel that personally, I'd probably be better in an action role and even a more comedic role as I find myself pretty hilarious. I'm always the guy on tour that tries to get guys chatting and a lot of banter back and forth so I definitely feel that a lot of bodybuilders have that comedic side in them, they're just a little bit more introverted, so maybe I can be that guy that can say "Hey we might be big and strong but we're definitely not dumb and we're definitely intelligent and we definitely know how to crack a smile and crack a good joke sometimes". So you know, hopefully some day Hollywood or whoever it may be may give me the opportunity to be in a small cameo of some sort but until then I want to continue to be Mr Olympia.

Luke Thornton: Awesome, good story, yeah I think in terms of being in the cinema, that personable thing, you've got that, so that's a great thing to have. A lot of bodybuilders I've come across are quite shy and if that kind of brings them in to it, but like I say you've got to do that and you've got the drive, you'll be on that big screen soon.

One more question just to wrap up, in terms of the Olympia coming up, I'm sure its on your mind quite big time, you're placed number one, so who'd you think you'll see, who's in your competition?

Phil Heath: No disrespect to any of the guys competing in the Olympia contest but I consider them all champions because they've all won they're right to be on that stage and I'm going against guys such as Kai Greene. I know he really wants this deep down more than anything on earth, its my job to prevent that. I've got to prevent those dreams that he claims can become reality. Dennis Wolf looked amazing last year, he is definitely dangerous, he is probably the most dangerous of all, he gets to fly under the radar a lot, so for me being the champion, all the pressure is really on you and I say him and Kai usually round up the top three. I know a lot of guys talk about Big Ramy but he's very, very green in this type of contest and very fresh, we've only seen him compete a few times, so it will be interesting to see how he places this year.

I know I got to guest pose with him not so long ago and it was really interesting to see his development so far, but ultimately I have to remind myself that I have won three Sandown Trophies and this is something that non of them have done and I should feel proud of that, not rest on my laurels, remind myself that if I can be better than what I was last year, placing a perfect score with only one call out at pre judging, then there shouldn't be much problem beating them again. I know a lot of guys may think of that being a cocky or arrogant statement, but arrogance is an exaggeration of the truth, the truth really is that I've won them the last three years but if you put yourself in my shoes, do you think you can win a fourth time after beating someone else three times? It's like you beating me in checkers 3 times then me saying I'm going to beat you next time, you would understand the mindset of a champion is that I put myself in a certain situation to win, I don't play to lose, I dont prepare to lose, I hate second place and I definitely don't like silver, I'm definitely going for the gold on September 19th and 20th in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena, I expect that all you guys will be there or watching online or watching on TV, whatever it may be and I hope that I can have your support. I just wanna tell you all thank you very much and that, may the best man win, and i definitely do believe I'm going to be that guy. and help continue this movement as being Mr 13, Mr Olympia.

Luke Thornton: Awesome, you've got all our support as well here at Monster Supplements, is there anything you want to say to wrap it up?

Phil Heath: Just that it's an honour and a privilege to meet all you guys, I'm going to be here at the Birmingham NEC for the BodyPower Expo, it's a great event and I've been there since their very first year, and they've evolved in to a mega mega expo so its really good, be sure to get there early as I'm only there at the weekend, going to be there with team MuscleTech and my own clothing line Gifts Athletics, Team Body coaches be sure to check us out over at F40.

Ultimately, just thanks, I really appreciate it and I get a lot of emails, I get a lot of Facebook posts, Twitter, Instagram you name it and I don't get the chance to interact with you all. I try to do my best but I do read them all, especially when I'm on a long haul flight, it means the world to me that you guys care about not just me but the sport itself so shout out to you guys especially in the UK, I expect to see all you guys this weekend and thanks, train hard, train smart and most importantly have fun.


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