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Chest and arms are always a favourite body part for most weight trainers to hit! Personally chest isn’t that enjoyable for me because of the piercing pains I sometimes experience in my shoulder joints, from niggles I have picked up over the years. Whether you love to train certain body parts more than others, one thing is for sure and that is there are certain muscle groups which a lot of people neglect. Neglecting muscle groups will potentially give you an unbalanced look and it could also lead to muscle pains with an imbalance between opposing muscle groups. This is something you want to avoid, so here are the 3 most neglected muscle groups, is this you?

Rear deltoids

Some people don’t even know how to train their rear deltoids! They are one of those small muscles which you may think get a workout from back day on exercises like cable rows. Whilst they may enjoy a degree of stimulation, because of the mechanics of your body, to really isolate your rear deltoid head you need to isolate it! I would always advise doing this on shoulder day, no; in fact I would insist you do!! Rear deltoids are in their own right a significant portion of your shoulder development and if you don’t train them your deltoids won’t look complete. Shoulder pressing, military pressing and the likes stimulate your front and middle deltoids more than your rear. As a result, you should perform rear dumbbell lateral raises in 90% of your shoulder workouts!! Hit your rear deltoids and they will give you a great look from the side and back when your body fat levels are low in particular!


There probably isn’t a body part which is limited by genetics as much as your calves! My calves are terrible, they are stubborn, they love to be skinny but they DO grow very gradually because I push them! People will often skip calves because nice juicy guns look more impress than well-developed calves right? Maybe, however strong calves will only help you look more balanced and probably be stronger holding heavier weights when you squat! Therefore be sure to hit calves at least once a week for 6-8 sets with a high repetition range of 15-25 per set to failure! This way you can wear shorts in the summer without been conscious of your spindly legs!

Lower back

Your back is your core, your ‘bread and butter’ meaning if you have a weak core then you will be weak!!! Sure doing latt pulldowns, dumbbell rows, cable rows and the likes of will build a good back but what about your lower back? Your spinal rectors are a very important part of the core and you should make sure your back workout has exercises specifically for this portion of your back! Deadlifts are great as a compound exercise and hyperextensions are also great!

There are probably the 3 most untrained body parts among your everyday gym bunnies. Don’t be one of these people because you should always strive to train your body in proportion!

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