4 Steps to Bigger Legs

When you first start weight training, you're probably going to neglect your legs, most people do, they focus thoroughly on the upper body, the biceps, the shoulders and lastly the chest. The legs often get neglected in favour of a V shape physique.

However, remember this popular gym phrase "Never Skip Leg Day", repeat this over and over in your head!

To begin with, you'll find that training and building your leg muscles is hard work, they're stubborn, why? Because they're naturally strong, they automatically hold most of your body weight day in, day out.

Try some of these great techniques to make those legs bigger and your body more overly muscular in appearance:

Reps, reps and more reps!

It's not very often that you'll use a repetition range of around 6-8 on your 'leg day', as you'll feel at this kind of weight, less of the focus is on your legs. Instead, try 15-20 reps and the occassional high rep week. By doing this, you're forcing your legs to work, with the blood pumping through them all the way to your feet. This will stimulate muscle growth! The separation in your quads improves massively with a slightly higher rep range than the standard 6/8 or 10.


Full muscle contraction!

Remember to focus on the muscles you're building, not the complete leg. You want to identify each muscle group in the lower part of your body and train it. Keep the muscle under tension, it pushes the muscle to work harder. If you get on the leg extension machine and go too fast, the contraction isn't going to be great. Remember to keep a slow rhythm.


Intensity on 'leg day' is a must! After your first session you'll not notice that much of a difference and wonder what all the fuss was about, just wait until the day after though, you'll really notice a difference, if you can actually stand upright that is. To bodybuilding professional, leg day is known as the hardest and most painful workout you can endure.

Try this Leg Day Workout: 

If you do this right, you will get a serious case of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) for at least a week! So anyone who has to carry shopping up 4 flights of stairs every day, well, good luck!

1) Squat X 3 for 8-12 repetitions

2) Leg extensions X 3 for 20 reps to failure, then rest/pause for 3 seconds, do another 3 all the way to 30-35!

3) Stiff leg deadlifts X 3 for 8-12 repetitions

4) Leg curls X 3 for 20 reps to failure, then rest/pause for 3 seconds, do another 3 all the way to 30-35!

5) Leg press X 3 for 20 reps to failure, then rest/pause for 3 seconds, do another 3 all the way to 35!


You really won't want to hit the above every week, but give it a go once a month, watch the gains, get through the pain barrier and you'll be on your way to big leg success!

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