3 Reasons To Use Creatine

For any avid fitness fan, you no doubt will have read all about the benefits of a supplement called 'creatine'. You'll also have read that a lot of athletes have begun to use it on a daily basis.

However, amongst all of the detailed scientific explanations you can easily lose sight of the 'real life' story of what a supplement can do for your body.

Here's your 3 point guide to 'creatine'.

Benefit Number 1 Increased Endurance–

Your body naturally contains a small quantity of creating, gathered from foods such as red meat and some types of fish. This creatine is used by your body to 'resynthesise' in the production of ATP, your primary energy system during anaerobic exercise.

Sadly, your natural levels tend to only last between 8 - 10 seconds per set, meaning that for the majority of any heavy lifting set, your ATP levels are on the low side.

By supplementing creatine, you increase your ATP production, which in turn leads to extra reps for each set.  Remember though, that ATP replenishment can take up to 3 minutes, by supplementing using creating, this time can be decreased, which of course means that your endurance levels are naturally increased!

Benefit Number 2 Increased Strength –

ATP is the anaerobic energy system that is perfect for such things as heavy weight training. By adding creatine you increase your overall ATP output, which can lead to your strength levels increasing dramatically. It's not uncommon to find some people experience strength increases in the region of around 20%. Such is the power of creatine in your body.

Benefit Number 3 Cell Volumisation! –

Creatine is what's known as a 'cell volumiser'. This means that it helps to draw more water in to your muscle cells. There are benefits to this side effect of creatine consumption. Additional water in the muscle cell can equate to more nutrients being transported to the cells, potentially increasing the rate of nutrient uptake.

That's how creatine can stimulate faster rates of muscle recovery. Also, due to the increased level of water in the muscle, you will appear significantly fuller in appearance and shape, which is great for posing at the gym!


The above are 3 great reasons to consider supplementing your diet plan with creatine. It's one of the best natural, performance enhancing supplements you can buy!

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