Go Totally Nuts!

Nuts are a fantastic source of fats for the serious athlete and they do also contain some protein and carbohydrates as well! Eating the right nuts at certain times of the day can indeed become very beneficial for an athlete and they do also taste great!

All About Almonds

The first and best nut for bodybuilders is the almond. Almonds are very rich in protein with a whopping 21g per 100g. Almonds are also a fantastic source of quality fatty acids with a huge 46g of fat in every 100g with the majority of that NOT being saturated fat! The protein content is of the highest quality, loaded with essential amino acids which are required in order to support muscle recovery and growth. The fat content will in fact promote fat loss because quality fats slow the rate at which calories are digested, minimizing the amount stored as body fat. These fats do also promote the metabolisation of dietary and stored fats as well! Almonds taste great and are easy to consume and are also excellent to add with other meals as you can chop them up and sprinkle them all over your meal.


The next nut inline which bodybuilders and general athletes like are peanuts. Peanuts are also very rich in protein with each 100g rewarding you with 25g of top quality muscle building protein! Peanuts also contain 46g of quality fats, although they do have a higher amount of saturated fat making them less desirable than almonds on a regular basis. Again peanuts taste great, easy to add with other meals and are also easy to carry about.

Cashew Nuts

Finally, cashew nuts conclude our list of top nuts to add to your diet. Every 100g of cashew nuts feeds your muscles a healthy 20g of protein. Cashew nuts do however have the highest fat content with a whopping 50g per 100g! However, the majority of the fats are good and therefore promote weight loss. Cashew nuts are also probably the best tasting nuts available, which makes eating lots of them very easy.

Another great point to consider is that you can get really good almond and peanut butter which is a very handy way of getting your protein and fats in. You can have this on your brown toast, spread over your omelet or added to virtually any meal. As a point for consideration it is a good idea to opt for nuts which aren’t ‘salted’ in order to promote the health of your cardiac system. It may be a good idea to alternate which nuts you eat to get the best from all of these nutritious foods! Nuts are great most times of the day, however before bed can be great as they fats help fill you up and they also help promote fat loss!

Hopefully this will inspire you to go NUTS and start adding the occasional snack of almonds, peanuts or even cashews with one of your meals or even in between!

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