Winner Announced! Monster's Transformation Challenge 2014

The weeks have passed and the votes are now in. The Transformation Challenge has been the most successful yet. Over 600 people across the UK and further afield entered the transformation challenge with their 1 ultimate aim.

Males and Females across the nation battled it out to achieve their dream physique, whether that was losing weight, or toning up. As the weeks went buy, tensions started to rise and some even gave up the challenge. But those who persisted reached their aim.

Before the Transformation Challenge, we asked the entrants to send in a before photo, and selected 30 participants - focusing on their journey through the 6 weeks. After week 6, those entrants were whittled down to just 9 finalists to win the prize of the transformation bundle.

Those 9 finalists represented achievements of their ultimate aim. The diverse range of finalists meant that we can showcase that anyone can reach their goals.

But now the time has come that only one entrant can succeed.

Those 9 included:

trans-bundle Transformation Bundle Featuring PhD Nutrition Products

Andrew Smith         33.79%
Andy Rowland        5.7%
Blaine Byrne            30.26%
Bobby Leach            12.08%
Charley Haynes      1.3%
Daniel Davies           8.82%
James Rogers          5.43%
Kerry McStea          2.04%
Nathan Patrick       0.54%

Congratulations to Andrew Smith with 33.79% of the vote! The winner will receive the Transformation Bundle (pictured) - featuring PhD Diet Whey, PhD Lean Degree, PhD Greens and PhD Diet Cookies.

We'll be catching up with Andrew shortly!

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