The Interview: Andrew Smith, Transformation Challenge Winner

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Transformation Challenge winner Andrew Smith fought off 8 other contenders in the public vote to be crowned winner for the 2014 challenge.

For his success, he has been awarded the Transformation Bundle including PhD Diet Whey, PhD Lean Degree, PhD Greens and PhD Diet Cookies.

Andrew, a gym fanatic, has proven to be a worthy winner, selected for the top 30, Andrew showed courage and motivation to reach his ultimate aim. Andrew told us:

"To make it into the top 30 gave me a real boost of motivation but then to make top 9 was just awesome!. When I saw the competition I knew it was going to be a tough call as everyone did incredible but to get the news I actually won makes me want to get into the gym right now and do the most incredible workout I've ever done- I'm literally buzzing!"

Andrew's ultimate aim was to really tone up and develop his physique, and has done just that. Facing tough competition, Andrew battled it out in the public vote and achieved over 33% of votes.

We caught up with Andrew and asked a few questions:

Will this spur you on to continue your transformation?
100%! If this can be achieved in just 6 weeks imagine what can be achieved long term!. With the popularity of men's physique category it gives you a goal that's actually achievable so that's the look I now aspire to.
What made you want to take part in the Transformation Challenge?
I had been training at a gym for around a year and was beginning to loose motivation but I kept saying to myself that I would up my game from January- January came and it still felt the same so when I saw the transformation challenge advert I knew that was exactly what I needed.
Do you feel you have achieved your aim?
My main aim was to strip body fat to reveal muscle definition but retain muscle mass which I know is one of the hardest things to do. With choosing the right training programme, the right personal trainer and gym but most of all the right eating plan and supplements I think I did meet my aim. But now I want more- more definition and more muscle mass so I'm definitely not ready to relax things- this has made me want it even more.
What was the biggest struggle over the last 6 weeks?
The biggest struggle was trying to manage my time to make sure I was using supplements and my meals at the correct time of the day. Actually going to the gym and doing the workouts was the easy bit!. I planned my meals and supplements strictly and never waved from my plan. If your going to do it you may aswell give it your all!.
Andrew also added:
Since starting the challenge there has been a real buzz around the gym I use- team xtreme fitness- it's a small privately owned gym in Gosport in Hampshire. Lots of people from the gym compete at body building, strong man and men's physique so they all encouraged me to really go for this and take it seriously. The everyday gym goers also saw a real change in me and it's really pushed them on to take their training more seriously- I'm constantly asked what supplements I use and what meal plan I'm on.

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