Rob Shaw Talks Leg Day

Next in the intense series of training, transformer Phill learns the basics of a good lower day training session.

Last week saw the 19 year old marketing assistant a good 'upper body' work out, with the aid of Strength Expert Chris Brodie. With that insightful knowledge gained, learning what to do for Leg Day was next on the list.

On hand to help master the routine was Guru Rob Shaw. As a rugby player, Rob knows all too well the importance of having good lower-body strength.

We've all seen the memes about leg day - where someone focuses all their energy on their upper body, they forget their legs. Part of the transformation is to gain all-body muscle, and help develop the abdominal muscles.

Phill was given an example plan to follow over his transformation:

Squats – 3 Sets Of 20 – 10K On Both Sides

Lunges – 3 Sets of 20 – With 10K Dumbbells

Leg Press - 3 Sets of 20 – 40kg total (20 each side)

Leg Extensions - 3 Sets of 20 – 40Kg Total

Ham Sting Curls - 3 Sets of 20 – 40Kg Total

Calf Press – 5 sets of 20 – 50KG total

it's 50% of your body, so leg day really isn't worth missing. In addition to legs, it's also a core workout, helps with balance, as well as being a cardio-vascular workout.

Rob commented:"don't skip leg days, and just make sure your technique's good. You want to lift with your legs, keeping your back straight".

It's important with any exercise that you maintain the correct positions to prevent injury occurring.

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