Nick Grimshaw's Sport Relief Challenge: Our Guide

BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw is embarking on an intense Sport Relief Challenge: Cycling Non-Stop for 12 hours in a transparent box outside the BBC's broadcasting house in London.

The host of the station's flagship breakfast show, Grimshaw has been training over the last few weeks leading up to his challenge on a few weeks time.

At this point, however, we thought it would be a good idea to share our take on the DJ's formidable challenge. Bicycle riding is a test of endurance, motivation, stamina and mindset. It's both physically and mentally draining over long periods so what we want to focus on is how does one prepare for this kind of challenge, and how do you keep going to the end?

Well luckily, with the help of Endurance Expert Mark Harrison, we can provide a concise guide on how to prepare and endure such a significant challenge.


12 hours is a long, tiring and arduous task, so the body needs a strategy to be able to cope with such a task. In training, endurance is the key. We have long distance training coupled with short interval training sessions, the aim being of course to improve overall fitness and prepare for the challenge.

Mark's advice;

Long Distance Training :- The suggested training regime is 3x per week, 1 longer riding session of around 2 hours, followed by 2 shorter sessions.

Interval Training :- This kind of training elevates heart rate in short bursts, increasing overall fitness but also enhancing the endurance rate.

In addition, a circuit workout in the gym focusing on the lower body is going to increase muscle strength in those areas, giving you more power for longer.

Over the 12 hours it's important to keep morale and motivation high, so we're also looking at various nutrition we need on the road to 12 hours on a bike!


On endurance bike rides, stocking up with some good Whey Protein is great, for example the Reflex Instant Mass - this is going tcnp-pro-flapjackso provide you with slow releasing Carbohydrates giving you a supply of energy throughout your ride. In addition to the mix, during the ride supplementing your energy with fast acting Carbs are going to give you a push and added energy as you progress deeper into the challenge. For this, Mark suggests the PhD Battery.

Aside from nutrition, keeping hydrated is immensely important. Constantly supplying your body with water is going to keep the flow of water and blood to your muscles, keeping them working and reducing lag. Once of the key points Mark states is "if you're feeling thirsty, your body is telling you take on more water, at that point, you're not as hydrated as you need to be, and you should never get to that stage during a ride".

It's also important to refuel on nutrition during the challenge, CNP Pro Flapjacks are a great source of nutrition and energy 'on the go', but aside from supplementation, enjoyable foods are essential for boosting morale. Mark suggests Banana Bread for a tasty treat. If you take a break during a ride, fill up on something warm as the psychological affect can be hugely positive to getting you towards the end. But remember not to eat anything too heavy as you'll go the opposite way and won't want to get back on the bike!

But finally, Nick Grimshaw will be doing his Sport Relief challenge over 12 hours, from 7am to 7pm with constant progress updates on BBC Radio 1. From all of us here at Monster Supplements - good luck!

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