Alcohol & Fat Loss - What's The Score

Anyone with half a brain is going to be apprehensive about drinking alcohol if they have a pending fitness goal they are trying to reach, weather this is building muscle or burning fat, but here is the score when it comes to fat loss.

Let’s start at the beginning!

Alcohol holds 7kcal per gram, to put this into perspective carbohydrates hold 4kcal/g, protein has 4kcal/g and fats have 9kcal/g. Already we can see in the scale of things it has a relatively high calorific count per gram. The ABV (Alcohol by volume; this is a percentage which represents the volume of ethanol compared to the whole volume of the beverage) and proof of the drink consumed (if you are looking at stronger spirits) also play a large factor. We should also note being a liquid it is digest at a quicker rate than solid foods and the process itself require less energy.

So it’s not looking good for any drinkers out there........ But does it shop here?

Actually it does get worse! Because Alcohol is a none essential nutrient it is not typically used in the same manner as other macros. You could even say it is as a harmful substance as you can see the body does what it can to burn it of (this can take up to 24hours). During this time however fat is also not being utilized as a energy source. When digested as low as 5% of its calories are converted to fat but the compound Acetate which it is converted to is prioritised by the body as a energy source over oxidising the body’s fat stores. So it is not the generally the excess of calories from alcohol which we consume which hinders fat loss but the effect alcohol has on the body’s ability to oxidise fat.

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